Vince Kelvin has offered me a VIP speaking spot at the PUA World summit again! THis year will be different as there will NOT be DVDs of this year’s summit produced. The info can only be obtained live. VIP tix will guarantee you will get to see my vip talk. Last year I presented my photoreading lecture.   The summit will be in Hollywood, CA September 24 and 25, This year I’ll be presenting one of my foundations lectures that many students don’t understand, but once given gives them a huge leap in understanding pick up and self improvement. To get your tickets under my name hit these links
Regular attendee currently $199

VIP attendee currently $299

I can’t believe it after the history these 3 have had but Ross Jeffries just confirmed he’s coming! Speer, Vince Kelvin and Rj all in the same room. Hell hath frozen over.

Watch the youtube here.