Here at Master Pickup Artists dot com, I try to disseminate the newest information out there. A lot of what is coming out is rehashed horse crap, just in different language. The same discoveries in pickup that were made when Casanova and Don Juan were doing their thing are the same things being discovered now… not much different and I’d dare to say that those two were truly masters because they worked their craft at a time when there was more protectionism against interlopers to people’s daughters and wives. Robert Green has written “The Art of Seduction” to explain a lot of the technicals of these techniques for the intellectual set, but his lessons are quite worthy of review for the master pickup artist. When I read it it gave validation, through history, of the techniques I was learning to become a master pick up artist.

It also gives creedence to the belief that the people making money off of creating pick-up products are just reinventing the wheel by spinning the language through an article spinner.

Worse yet, a lot of the spinning is being done on spun products. I can’t begin to count how many rehashed products are just the mystery method in disguise, which takes a lot of its lessons from Speed Seduction.

Right now Nick Quick and Epik are the two most original instructors out there with their Same Night Seduction techniques (Click here for their book) eliminating many of the previous steps in a seduction that were previously felt to be necessary in the mystery method. And many of the best coaches are more lifestyle coaches rather than PUA gurus.

To me, it’s best to go to the source and learn the foundations and fundamentals. That’s why I use Ross Jeffries the most for my knowledge. (Click here for his website home page.) He is still known as the Father of the Pickup Community and truly used new knowledge in NLP to create a system that allows a woman’s thought processes to be explored for seduction. That truly was the basis for the seduction community as it stands today, and he was the original guy to look into a woman’s mind and dissect the processes that lead her to feel the process of love and lust.

Then if you want to go beyond that source, go to the work of evolutionary psychologists. If you have done any research in pickup you will see mentioned books such as The Mating Mind, The Red Queen, Sperm Wars as foundations for your pickup and seduction mindset. Then to learn the woman’s mindset, read Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden.

But these, once again, aren’t anything new. Vin Dicarlo’s work has been somewhat avant garde in dissecting the personality types of women out there, but is that practical infield knowledge? It is if you are able to access it in your brain right away so that may be of value. (click here for Vin’s newest stuff) How about Jeremy Soul’s Daytime Dating ebook? (Click Here for the squeeze page) That product is probably the best of the best as far as dating advice during the daytime and there isn’t anyone else with the reputation and in field work time in field on this one topic.  Then we have specifics of bad boy technique from Street Smart Seduction (Click link here for the squeeze page) which gave specific pointers (But not really practical for the brand new student, but excellent advice for someone in the game at least 6 months).

All in all I don’t think there is much new knowledge out there. Most of the new products such as Lovedrop’s Zen of Cool is a lifestyle lesson on setting up the home and environmental logistics for dates. This product can be found by clicking this link here.

I will continue to keep a critical eye for the newest products — the ones that I feel add to your knowledge above and beyond a rehash of Speed Seduction and the Mystery Method will get my endorsement and links on my website. I have a recommended booklist on this site at the top tabs and those can be purchased at Barnes and and I’ll make sure I have links to their latest coupons so you can save money.

But there is a lot of stuff out there. Best way to sort through it all is to actually meet the gurus, see how they are with you and your friends, and see if their energy is that of a truly good social artist. Summits are the best method of meeting lots of guys and hearing lots of philosophies. This coming Sept 25, 26, 27 will be the Pickup World Summit in hollywood, CA. Prices are currently 77 bucks per ticket! Click here to buy yours and see me there! It’s where I can actually see the gurus give their best material and decide who I will promote and discuss and who gets thrown with the rest of the rehashed trash.