Southwest Airlines has a fare sale right now for their birthday, , and my flight to LA from the deep east coast was only 356 bucks!!! I highly recommend you buy now to get the best deals on flights, and buy now for the best deal on the ticket the the Ultimate PUA convention being held at Loews Hollywood Hotel on Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood, CA!!

By now, if you haven't seen me talk, see why this is the 5th PUA convention with all the top names that I have been invited to participate in and present. I will be giving my latest instruction and discoveries to the group, and will be doing infield training for the lucky few who are interested. 

Last year I took some very lucky students to the exclusive Beacher's Madhouse. I got the ultra exclusive Beacher's table, and sat next to Beacher's best friends with my own friends, and had Tito Ortiz hanging out with me and my crew, along with big bird and Elmo and Mini Kanye West.   More of these shenanigans are planned. You can't even imagine what kind of hoopla is planned for this year. You can't even begin to move forward with your plans if you haven't even thought about the amazing experience ahead of you as you think about coming with me to Hollywood.

Last year, during infield parties set up by JTR and Casanova Crew, I had several hypnosis clients break all barriers with approach anxiety, and one particular student who asked for infield the entire weekend had two amazing experiences with two different ladies on back to back nights. He's been off to the races since then. It's that type of teaching that led to me being named the 3rd best dating coach according to Casanova Crew, despite being far away from their home base in California.

Find out why the top lair leaders and intructors come to me, technoslaughter at,  for their training. It's true, just this year I added 2 more lair leaders and instructors for other companies to my list of students on the word of mouth generated from the other instructors I've helped. We all just celebrated our sucksess a few months ago at the Playboy Mansion Masquerade at Hugh Hefner's house.  Be part of this brotherhood. Or not. Let this be your first of many invites to hang with my crew. 

Currently the cost of the ticket for the convention itself is 197, and rises to 397 shortly. Click this address, to buy immediately if you haven't already. Only 37 tickets left according to JTR yesterday. By now, you must really think about your dedication to the craft of improving your life, and see for yourself why I am different from some of the top names in the game. You will see Ross Jeffries, Tyler Durden, Nick Quick, DJ Fuji, Hypnotica, Kosmo, and Matador to name a few of the big names you'll see speaking this weekend. And then there's me. I'll be at the Saturday Sept 14th slot at 325 pm. (

So by now, if you haven't gotten your southwest bday cheap seat, and your convention seat at the lowest price you can get it before the price goes up, when are you finally going to make the big move that sets your game on fire? With me, it was a no brainer the first time I went in 2009 to a PUA convention. IT's what landed me in Cosmo UK magazine. 

I really hope to see you there. And anyone who buys from my link gets in on the Group hypnosis session I do every year at these conventions to alpha your subconscious like never before. Just ask my students what is possible after this session.