Hey guys!
New video lecture for ya!

You click this link to go to it. It is embedded in the website. Please share it with your friends. html://masterpickupartists.com/basichypnompg/basicsnlphypno.html

I also have a new lecture thread at Udemy.com. I’m also proud to announce that udemy will feature my photograph forensics lecture for a fee, 14 dollars, in the near future. See what all the buzz was about and why I was the only person asked to repeat his lecture for content during the PUA World Summit September 2010. That will be up in the next few days. (Adam Lyons repeated his lecture because the video recording equipment went down. Not the same. Although he had a kick ass lecture as well). My lecture was NOT recorded for the PUA World Summit and I am happy it gives me the opportunity to teach it to you in Udemy lecture format.

For now enjoy the free lectures I am presenting here and at udemy.com. Sign up for the lecture series and you will be notified of new ones.