I get asked day in and day out, “Why do you teach social arts? You have a perfectly good job. You make perfectly good money from it. Why teach guys pickup?”

It’s the Nod. That nod I get from a student who finally ends years of frustration. The nod I get from a student who has had years of approach anxiety getting in his way only to see it disappear in an hour with my work. It’s the nod I get when a virgin of 28 years old looks at me and says, “That’s what I was nervous about? It’s just sex!” It’s the nod I get when a guy who has so self-hated himself for years learns to love himself. It’s the nod I get at the end of the night after a sarge session…. where the woman nods at me thanking me for winging the man she just made out with. It’s the nod I get from my students who have popped the question with the lady they had met just after bootcamp. It’s the nod I get from the divorced man who realizes his life isn’t shot to hell because he is 50 years old and has kids and his wife had an affair.

The Nod was the subject of the movie, Groove that I mentioned in my metaphorical movie list. It’s about a rave promoter and why he does it. When I work with people they become more alive. They become free. They loosen or break shackles. I could work harder in my own profession and make much more money. But the nod is energizing and fulfilling. The nod at the end of the night is the sign that I have done my healing work on someone and they can go on without me and never spend another dime on other people’s information tactics, or my own. The person who nods gets it. That they are the coolest person ever, and I am the lucky one who gets to watch them grow from that point on, male or female. It’s great to watch the world by watching one person change for the better at a time.