Welp, I didn’t win the “Best New Blood Award” at the PUA world summit. Gareth Jones won from ABCs of Attraction. Congrats to him! Adam Lyons won Best PUA and CONGRATS to NICK QUICK for fastest guy.

I was proud to present for the first time at the conference and to have the likes of DJ Fuji and Psyche and Epik all amazed at this new skill I taught them with photograph reading. They specifically pulled me out to talk to them and look through their photos. In addition, I had requests from over 30 guys to repeat my talk because they were upset that the newest technique, the freshest information was not in the main schedule. I was glad to repeat the lecture outside of the venue in the middle of the mall. Now get this.

While I was presenting outside, I had a huge crowd close to 15 guys looking at the lecture. 3 beautiful women walk by and ask what i’m doing. I ask if they have a camera. One says yes and hands it to me. I ask her to find a picture of more than 1 person. She picks a pic of the three girls from earlier in the day. I 100% accurately read the photo that they weren’t really good friends and that they just met and she confirms. Then starts picking a bunch of different photos and I am right on. The crowd sees me command the girls. The great timing is that they came and showed the photos, and the VERY NEXT SLIDE was all about the gambit of the best friends test with photos! I did it right in front of them.

One SEVERELY miscalibrated new PUA who is pasting a bunch of bad pua shit on top of his true self starts telling the girls, “Show us pictures of you naked!” and then “Take off your clothes.” I said, “Hey, Tone it down!” and later asked what the fuck he was doing. He says, “I’m trying to be Badboy and Marius with direct game.” I said, “BE RESPECTFUL” and commanded him to treat the ladies with respect. And at the end, told him, “Sometimes an instafuck (Badboy and Marius’s teaching) is RAPE.” (I can’t claim originality on that statement but several of the other gurus said this LOL.

These guys who are new and just getting started have no clue with game that when you teach aggressive direct, they become aggressive douchebag. And worst of all become boars or assholes that won’t get fucked and are so miscalibrated.

So I hand hugged one girl and pumped up her temp. Some guys took a pic and their heads were neutral (They showed me their cell phone pics).

One guy came up and showed his instant success. “OMG I used the photo routine and reading and slept with this girl!” The key is you KNOW she likes you as much as you like her. And that is how you get the win-win-win. Everybody’s hand goes UP! And this lady would agree that she was just as happy as the guy, to find a guy who liked her who was wise enough to know what she wanted.

More on what I learned will be presented to my students. I gained some notoriety and new students. Too bad most are from the west coast.

Tyler Durden was the surprise speaker at the end of the conference from the game and had some great drills for state, tonality, and conversation that I will use with kudos to him.

I feel really good with the many gurus and guys coming to me and congratulating me for having in their opinion, the best lecture with the newest stuff and how it blew their minds that I didn’t have my presentation on the main stage. I’m sure someone will steal it and teach it as their own but I have 60 witnesses that I’m the first to teach it.

Democratius from Germany interviewed me for his German website. That was fun and student Viral was the cameraman!

Also funnily a group of PUAs in a company put a brochure out showing their proof of success in a bunch of pictures. A bunch of guys looked at the brochure and picked out that these guys had 70% photos that showed no attraction. 🙂 My work is done. They are better consumers of this stuff.