Hollywood, California, September 14, 15, and 16, I have been given the privilege of speaking on the same stage as Mystery, Matador, Mehow, Bravo, Tyler Durden, Brad P, NIck Quick, Love Drop, J Dogg and many others, as I had been for two previous PUA World Summits. This appears to be one of the greatest lineups ever in putting together an entire weekend of speakers who are the tops in the field of pick up training. The cost now is only

Make your plans now and buy your tickets NOW at THIS LINK before the price goes up.

Ultimate Pickup Artist Convention, Sept 14-16, Hollywood, CA

My Speaker’s slot is 12:15pm on Friday, September 14th. I’ll be giving the info from my most requested topics:

1. Photograph Reading

2. Subconscious self-reprogramming basics for rapid inner change for game breakthroughs.

3. Avoiding Douchebaggery in pick up.


These are the three things that have allowed me to become the “Guru of the gurus” constantly requested by other instructors to help them with their improvement opportunities in game. Make your plans now and buy your tickets now at THIS LINK before the price goes up.


Reunion is being planned the weekend of July 13th featuring Michelle Terrell, a top intimacy coach. The expected price for this training is 200 dollars for lecture and infield for the entire weekend. We’ll start Friday evening and game every night of the weekend, with lecture days Saturday and Sunday to maximize your learning and infield experience with the other participants. IF you want to learn fast and good, this is THE BEST way to do it. It’s how me and the Project Hollywood Yahoo folks got good real fast. ┬áIf interested in one-on-one or small group bootcamps, email me. Right now have a full slate of year-long students and no more spots available for the remainder of the year. Email me at technoslaughter@masterpickupartists.com to get in on the deal for the reunion.


I am proud to announce some of my free lectures are now on udemy! My famous photoreading lecture is now up. Go to the link on the right on photo forensics. Click the lectures. Current price is 20 dollars and will be rising to 30 dollars in the next few weeks so CLICK HERE NOW before the price goes up. I’ve been getting awesome feedback from the gurus at the PUA world summit where I first presented the info.


Please take advantage of the opportunity to meet Me and Mystery at the Ultimate PUA convention.