Let’s talk selecting your potential women for relationships. I bring this up because a student of mine called me today about a “Weird” night he had a few days ago, and the lesson is a FUNDAMENTAL one that needs to be addressed if you are becoming highly social and good with women, or men (for you ladies out there reading this stuff). Here’s the scenario.

My student is a gentleman in his mid 20’s who was trying to build a relationship with a physically beautiful woman he had met a month ago. During the initial meeting and day 2 he ended up feeling a connection and making out with her during that time and things seemed to be going well, however things abruptly ended after that with less contact. It seemed awkward and weird at the time how abruptly things ended between them, but the student didn’t fret and it did not harm the student. Let’s face it, when you train with me you get lots of opportunities with women such that if a woman messes up and stops at the make-out, that’s her loss. He had the skills to move on and find others that were dating material and has done well. On review and debrief about this relationship I told him not to read too much into his game, but it was likely she was having some issues if she could not move forward with the relationship. The only thing I identified that he was doing wrong was some neediness from him that she should have easily overlooked with the way she was initially showing interest. As many students do, he was asking for gambits that would have improved the situation, but in this situation aside from the needy frame he really didn’t have to change anything. (I get sick of gurus who have an answer for everything. Sometimes the student did well and you don’t have to tweak!)

Fast forward a month from that first interaction to this weekend. He is out with friends and he invites this woman, whom he had been re-engaging through texting, to meet his social circle to try to incorporate her. The texting works and she re-engages and agrees to come out to meet new people. The student notes that she does not have a large amount of friends, including females, so he thought this would help her out in addition to re-engaging his attempts at sparking her attraction again.

She comes out with him and meets his group of friends. In the midst of the evening she hits on another woman’s boyfriend, while his girlfriend is there. She makes it obvious she is doing so. Despite my students hints at the inappropriateness of the behavior, she continues on with her advances.

The man’s girlfriend, noticing her actions, befriends her in the midst of the night (Keep your friends close but the girl who is hitting on your man closer.) The target female is also ignoring the student as she flirts with this obviously taken guy in front of his girlfriend. Our student is feeling some negative energy about this one, but because of her beauty, gives her the benefit of the doubt. Also he is interacting with others in the social circle so it was no big loss for him not to be interacting with her, but found it somewhat rude and awkward the way she was acting.

At the end of the evening, seeing that her own male target was going home with his girlfriend, my student’s target agrees to come home and crash at the student’s home after showing affection all night for the guy with the girlfriend.

At his home they end up kissing passionately and he gets to second base. Bra is off… and she puts the freeze on him, and suddenly ends the passion. As instructed by most coaches and Step 5, Chapter 7 of “The Game,” he freezes her out and says ok no more nookie nookie kissy kissy. But he also thinks maybe he didn’t get enough comfort and tried to get into comfort at that point. It fails (wrong move of course) and subsequently, in an attempt to be funny, she takes all his pillows and pulls his mattress off the bedframe and onto the floor! When he asked what she was doing, she gets mad at him and refuses to give the blanket and pillow back arguing that he shouldn’t have been upset. Then she starts angrily talking and yelling for hours. In the midst of the argument he asks, “Can I please have my pillows?” and states “What is wrong with you? What kind of woman does that with the bed?” and also states, “why do you have to be such a bitch?” and she argues back on and on and never hands the pillows or blanket over til the end. In the end, feeling tired and just wanting to go to bed, he concedes an apology. Then she starts crying. Instead of a night of fun and love, both ended up arguing. Not a great night.

The student then called me to debrief and to ask me what he could have done differently so this wouldn’t have happened, or at least to make sense out of the “weird” evening for him.

What do you think my answer was?

As many of you know, I’m a Socratic instructor. I rarely give straight answers. I have my student discover them so it is more a part of their own brain and wiring and thought process. So I asked him. “What do you think I’m going to say?” He answered with standard answers. He thought he needed more comfort. We speculated about shit testing. I told him: to a degree she WAS shit testing him and he could have been more alpha by just taking his pillows and ordering her out of his house more sternly rather than asking for his pillows back from an irrational, emotional being. He could have also realized she was maybe playing around. (I really can’t tell in the story) and carried on. Also, as my own wingman taught me, winning arguments over a woman through logic, reason, and decision-making never gets the girl. However this was not my true answer. The student understood. He figured it out after a lot of talking. But he did eventually get it. “I could have never brought her home.”

He was right. My answer to prevent this from happening again is not based on what to say or a gambit, as most amateur and miscalibrated instructors would say. It was of course based on inner game: Stop being needy. At first he didn’t understand. So I asked him to tell me what his gut was saying about this woman before he took her home.

1. She had no friends, especially of the female variety. Red flag.
2. The first interaction between them ended abruptly as well with just a make out then no re-engagement for a month. Red flag
3. She was a social violator and an embarrassment to have been invited to the social circle that it made him rethink inviting her since he is seen as the guy introducing her to the group. She proceeded to hit on another woman’s boyfriend right in front of her and he felt embarrassed for bringing her. Red flag.
4. He had a gut feeling she was not a very good person. He sensed a dislike for her in his gut. Huge red flag

There is a lot to be said for gut instinct. Sure, some of it hinders us as in the gut or chest pains or pressures we get when we first start to get rid of approach anxiety. (as an aside – By the way, any instructor who tells you you never can get rid of approach anxiety says that because they never got rid of it for themselves or their students. Bad Instructor. My students get rid of it in one hypnosis session and evening out.) Chest pains, gut discomfort, and gut instinct is there for a reason: to protect you through years of evolution. It is there to warn you of people you don’t want to interact with. Women have an instant radar that says “Creepy vs not creepy” with any guy that comes around. If the creepy radar is set off, they show indicators of disinterest and it automatically makes them ask their friend to go to the bathroom, or makes them turn away. This student learned to shove that gut instinct aside for the potential of getting some from a physically beautiful woman. In this instance he should have followed his gut.

The act of taking her home, DESPITE all of her negative energies and red flags, was the neediness and desperation I was talking about. If you are an alpha male, you have plenty of choice. If you have plenty of choice, you can easily pass up a pretty woman who is a behaviorist… a woman who wants you to follow a specific pattern of behavior, of her choice, and treats her men poorly if they deviate. He mentioned he had a much more positive, nicer woman that he could have met up with that same night if it weren’t for this woman. So this student had choice. He had abundance. But he made the significant mistake of choosing to go home with a woman of negative energy just because she had some physical beauty alone, and she was there in front of him.

So the student then asks, “How do you weed out or screen a woman for negative energy?”

I answer rather quickly (and without making him search socratically). “A3: Qualification.”

Yes. Despite all the negative PUA reaction going on these days, the breakdown of the Mystery Method/Venusian Arts Handbook still has it’s MAJOR uses. The most important is that it is a comprehensive breakdown of the steps needed to start relationships where you find them and leave them better… if you have to leave them at all. But what is downplayed is HOW comprehensive it is. A3 is a good example: It allows you to qualify a woman, and when you do, if she qualifies, you can move further in the relationship. If she doesn’t you CHOP HER OUT of your cool life as a potential mate. You can still be friends if she has enough positivity to bring value to the friendship. But CHOP CHOP CHOP any person that brings negatives to you! For me, in my story, that included chop chop chopping a woman who had been married to me for 8 years and provided me with 2 beautiful children. But based on my photoreading I had figured out she was not in love with me from the beginning. The last straw was when she told me I was treating her poorly when I invested my own money in a digital camera and that she was going to leave me because of it, only to find out she was having an affair and using the camera to put guilt into me. Not the whole story but just a part of it.

A3 is a great lesson in getting a woman to invest in you by having her tell herself about you. But more importantly, it is a phase where you should LISTEN to the woman EVEN MORE INTENTLY to what she tells you about herself, how she tells it, and judge, for yourself, if she is attractive to you from inside. (Of course, you should be listening the entire time for when she gives you hints as to what you need to do to become her man, but A3 is the key to deciding if she turns you on from her INNER beauty. This is the beauty most women want to be known for anyhow).

I use the following statement all the time because it’s what I want to know before getting into a relationship with any woman… “Beauty is common. Look around you. Tell me 3 cool things about you aside from you looks.” If she tells you 3 cool things you like, BINGO keep going. Be truly attracted. But if she says, “1. I’d love to be a mass murderer, 2. I love the movie ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer,’ and 3. I can flick boogers the size of golfballs out of my nose accurately into the toilet,” then you are a dumbass and the sole blame if you go home with her just because she has the face of a “10” but then steals your pillows and freaks out. Plain and simple. (However for the rare PUA out there that likes mass murderers with golf-ball-sized boogers have at it.) You learn game and social arts to attract many women so you have choice. But if all your woman-candidates are also candidates for VH1’s “Tough Love” television show or “Bad Girls Club” or “Reform School,” as they say here in the country, “you done fucked up.”

It amazes me how many times guys continue to game a woman that they aren’t attracted to on the inside just because of their valued physical beauty alone. Many a man has been damaged by the beautiful woman with the ugliest of inner games. Case in point: Mike Long had a contest in October of 2008 for the worst behaviorist story of them all. There were more than 300 message entries. I am proud to say my long time wingman Dionysus won the contest (and is the reason why I got to meet him at the Playboy Mansion… fate). I will include his winning entry at the end of this blog so you can see how a physically beautiful woman could be plain old ugly on the inside. You’ll see how bad his story is, and mine is just as bad. Many of my students have similar stories. They chose one woman as the best they could get, and she demolishes him with her inner ugliness. What bothers me is that despite this lesson, many of these students keep going for the external beauty rather than the home run hit of external and internal beauty.

So right now this student, and many guys in game, are seeking external validation by having sex with the outside of a woman who looks like a 10. Through photoreading I can see it in the eyes of the ladies of some of the PUA guru’s photographs that the women they are with aren’t too savory of character, despite the model-quality looks. I can see instantly in wedding photos of the couple is marrying out of convenience or love. Convenience is a bad way to make that decision too as the student did. He chose this girl because she was right there where there was another better woman waiting in the wings.

Finding inner beauty is the hard part. If you aren’t willing to strive for and wait and search for relationships with the people with inner beauty, you are just settling. (That goes for both men and women out there who are reading this) That’s what really counts! Choose people who are high-valued on the inside, not just on the outside appearance. If you are a social artist trying to prove yourself by the number of beautiful women you sleep with, good for you. Empty for you too. But if you are a social artist finding the top notch women of inner beauty and value, you are likely my student, or of high enough self value that you wouldn’t settle for less. And all of us should be that way.

You aren’t supposed to just go out with all the “Pretty” ones. With our skills, External beauty really is common! With social artistry, we screen for the physically pretty ones with the uncommon characteristics that we truly do love!. “A good energy, a positive outlook, a good personality” truly are 3 nice things in a woman and are truly rare to find all three. That’s why the end of Mystery’s gambit he says, “You’ve got two out of three.” “Beauty is common.” Even though these sound like gambits, they aren’t really. They are ways of getting to know a woman to see if they make the cut into the group of lucky ones who may have a chance at your bedroom. And if they do make the cut, they are still being scrutinized to see if their portrayal of a good energy, positive outlook, good personality’d person still persists after you get to know them through comfort. I teach my students to qualify from their own desires.

So when I teach A3, I teach from a totally different mindset than most gurus and companies in pick up. (I know because I have now taught 3 gurus for other companies when their games went stale).
The only way to TRULY qualify a woman for yourself… IS TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT IN A WOMAN. One of my colleagues who is now the top instructor for another well-known pua company came to me for a weekend of training. I asked what he was looking for in a woman. He didn’t know. I asked “wait, so you are in game, you are getting good, and you don’t even know what you want?!?” So I hypnotized him. Under hypnosis I asked him what he wanted, and he flat out answered: Asian women with large boobs and witty banter.” So in qualifying a woman, he could tell them, “You’re beautiful, but I’m looking for an asian woman who can keep up with me with witty banter. Beauty is common, but can you tell a good joke? Are you sarcastic?” Listen to the woman qualify herself. If she does great, you at least know you are getting what you want as far as personality.

So the main lesson in target selection is simple. YOU pick the QUALIFICATION POINTS of your target. And if she doesn’t come close, MOVE ON. Your specific qualification points cannot be elicited through someone else’s gambit! You have to know what you want in a woman’s inner beauty so you can ask the girl if she has it. So after 10’s of thousands of dollars of training and memorizing gambits and going out in field for years, this colleague who was being groomed to be an instructor was just now verbalizing what kind of woman he wanted. PUA companies need to do much better than that.

It’s such a simple concept. Qualify women for what YOU seek. Not what any guru tells you you should seek. You may want women who can cook. Then ask if she can cook. Ask if she watches “Entourage” if that is your favorite show. Have a list of “MUST NOT’s” that truly are deal breakers for you. My deal breakers are she can’t have cats and she can’t have any behaviorist tendencies. Oh, and if she ever dresses a dog up in clothes? She’s gone from my list. Well… unless the clothes are designer. 😉

With the abundance I have, if they have one negative feature on my list that is a no-go, they are CHOP CHOP CHOPPED from the list of potential lucky women who can be with me. That’s right. Immediate snip snip snipping. A non-needy man does not need to have sex with negative women or women with unsavory characteristics just because her beauty is ranked high. Once screened, and once the gut tells you to stay away, LISTEN TO YOUR RADAR BECAUSE IT IS LIKELY RIGHT. If you ask for a woman to list 3 cool things about herself, and she says, “I murder guys who wear Chuck Taylor sneakers” and you have those shoes on, and she is not smirking or making a joke, I would snip snip snip right there. I don’t know how many times guys forget this very fact, forget to wear their own condom, and end up getting a woman with negative souls attached to them for life. (Never take a condom from a woman unless you trust she didn’t put a pinhole in it. One of the naturals I learned from learned this the hard way. And he’s paying child support for a son that isn’t even his. There’s bad stories out there when it comes to behaviorists).

So back to the example of my student and his woman who freaked out about the pillows and mattress: the student didn’t qualify her for his own choices. Because of his extreme neediness, and despite all the negative clues and a gut feeling, he IGNORED HIS GUT FEELING BECAUSE OF HER looking attractive, and he still went home with this woman. Lucky for him, she was psycho enough to screw up the evening because no sex leads to no kids. No long-term emotional connections means he can rest easy she won’t be banging on his door. No lifetime pain in the ass. Snip snip snip and no headaches OR nightmares. What if she would have gotten pregnant? HOLY CRAP. If that happens you are a lifetime member of this woman’s social circle… negatively. And for 18 years you have to pay her money for the kid and you aren’t getting any sex for it.

In Project Hollywood Yahoo Group, Mike Long gave us one of our key lessons that shaped ALL of us who participated in that group. It was the best and most powerful lesson he gave us. In the email he introduced us to manipulative women, and how to chop chop chop negative people out of our lives. He taught us how to spot the behaviorist… those women and people who stay in our lives, if we allow them to, and end up trying to control us through reward and punishment, controlling their partner rather than letting them be free. A woman who is a “7” in looks is a “10” if she provides constant value with no expectation for anything in return and no need to control you. A “10” in looks is a “0” overall if she tries to control her man through the withholding of sex or the condition of guilt. If you are looking for this lesson, it is in “Evil Dave’s After Game” Management product sold through area51 lifestyles.

Our student found himself with a behaviorist, who already had controlling tendencies from the very beginning. The student could feel it in his gut, but because she was physically beautiful and a potential lay he took her home despite all the knowledge he had of her energy. If you supplicate to people of negative value, men and women alike, you will feel like your value is the same: zero. At the end of my 8 year marriage I felt drained and worthless in the end. At the end of this night the student felt exasperated and was even trying to salvage some self worth from the situation by asking me about it. There is none except to finally decide not to let people into your life like this. As Mystery puts it, “I weed my social garden. I have some really cool people in my life. If you are cool you can be a part of it too and I’ll introduce you to them. I’m not sure about you yet.” It’s a gambit to some, but to me I REALLY mean it. Because I have the chop chop chop mentality. If she’s not cool, weed her out, chop chop chop, snip snip snip. High quality people HAVE to do this to keep the high quality in their lives.

I am not teaching you to be elitist either. Just because someone is poor or of a different ethnic background doesn’t mean that should be the reason to chop them. Some of the most positive people in the world are those that you frame as ugly, and you miss out in the discovery and relationships you could have with those people. If you are miscalibrated in such a way that you treat people poorly based on their finances or ethnicity turn the mirror around and guess who has negative energy. You. Chopping people from your social circle should be solely based on their energy and soul. Not their appearance, not their finances, and not their ethnicity. My students always make fun of me when I walk around with one of my 200 pound female friends. She is only 5’0” and is obese and they are constantly questioning why I have such an “Ugly” woman on my arm when I am a Master Pickup Artist. In fact other companies have tried to show that by hanging with her I am not a good instructor. I think the tables are truly turned however. She is a great woman. She has positive energy. When my students meet her they agree. But when they find out she is the great granddaughter of a man who invented one of the top selling soft drinks and she is a 20 year old millionaire, they shut their traps because she is so humble about it.

If you saw the movie, “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” you will see this very lesson. Beautiful girl with ugly inner tendencies. But he is so desperate he still falls for her. She eventually shows some good tendencies however. The young man in the story had put her so high on a pedestal because of her outward appearance, he had fantasized her inner being, and he was totally wrong. She was a train wreck. To a slight degree, my student was doing the same thing.

I refuse to teach my students how to game zeroes. Those lessons always go back to, “Why were you so needy you chose a woman you didn’t like?” Some PUA students get so bogged down in trying to land a woman with looks, they get women with shit for personality, shit for energy, and shit for outlook. And what happens to your penis when you have sex with shit? You get shit on you. It rubs off on you and you have an impossible time trying to wipe it off. It starts spreading to all aspects of your life: health, wealth, and relationships. Everything starts turning brown when you link up to negative women.

One of my main caveats in game is that a woman’s negative energy rubs off on you if you have sex with her. It is your fault if you are so needy that you have a physically beautiful woman with negativity for inner behavior and personality. Are the three things you look for a negative outlook, a negative personality, and a negative energy? For some of you, when you only seek out 10’s in the club, that is what you get. That’s why I have a former wingman who is out of game, feeling empty, after more than 100 “successes,” if you want to call it success to have sex with over 100 empty women. Why get in the game if you are going to use it to attract psychos? Is that really what you want? To just have sex with negative women, and ignoring the negativity because you want a facebook photo with you and her? Many men like me have learned the hard way. I was in an 8 year marriage with a behaviorist, and that shit rubbed off on me to the tune of 6 figures in legal fees for a terrible divorce.

If you are learning game, you should have enough abundance and choice to NEVER EVER settle for the negative ones. Target the positive ones, and work on YOURSELF to be positive, good energied, and with a good personality.

Below is my wingman, Dionysus’s winning entry in the Area51Lifestyle.com “Chop Chop Chop” contest that garnered him a free trip to the playboy mansion the very first time I went. Entry #171. The rule was to give the most devastating story of being in the hands of a behaviorist. Whoever had the worst story got a free copy of the Project Hollywood DVD set and an all expenses paid trip to the mansion and 500 bucks. I still think my personal story is much worse, but his, and 2 of my other wingmen’s is pretty damn bad.

171. Dionysus says
My name is Rob, I’m 24 years old. As hard as this is to relive, I am loving this topic because I’ve just been dying to share my story and get some things off my chest. I just chop chopped the ultimate behaviorist out of my life. No other behaviorist will compare to this girl. If somebody on this forum has a worse story I would like to meet him personally and buy him a drink. This behaviorist controlled me with her supposed power, lies and empty promises, and I let her do it for one and a half years, at least until I realized that everything about her was bullshit.

I got an IM from her one day because she found my screen name on Myspace. We talked online here and there for a year before we actually met. She told me she was from a very wealthy family, who lived in the Hamptons by P Diddy’s house. She told me she owned two tanning salons, which she sold. She drove a Bentley GT, which she sent me pictures of. She told me her ex bf is the head of the Giovanni mafia family and a multi millionaire and bought the car for her so that she would date him again. She would later threaten to have him kill me if ever I did something wrong. To this day I’ve never heard of him or met him or heard him talk to her. I should’ve asked her why she wasn’t in the pictures of the car? I should’ve asked her why someone of his stature would want to date her? She told me she used to be big into cocaine because she worked in the nightclub industry, but she doesn’t anymore. That later turned out to be not true. She told me she owned the promotion company that works at Pacha, Crobar, Duvet and other major clubs in Manhattan. The funny thing was anyone I talked to that worked at those places never heard of her. But I believed it because we used to get free tables and bottles here and there, and she always had money. The first few plans we made together she always flaked on.

We were both born on the same day which we thought was awesome. So growing nearer to our birthday and neither of us had plans we finally decided to meet on our birthday for dinner and a movie. I told her if she flaked out on my birthday that’s just wrong and that would be the end of our friendship. This was the beginning of the end of my life as I knew it. I always had my doubts about all the things that she ever told me, but when we finally met she pulled up in a brand new Range Rover Sport. She told me she gave the Bentley back to Mr. Giovanni because she didn’t want to date him. “Money isn’t that important to me I have enough of my own money” she told me, and that she bought the Range Rover in cash! That Range Rover would eventually be repossessed in front of my house.

Now this girl isn’t incredibly beautiful, but very well taken care of and I was attracted to her because I thought that she had high value. She always had wads of cash on her so I believed her promotions business did very well. I thought she was accomplished I could learn something from her. At the time I had been running my own DJ company and working on the side for a large production company who was doing major events in Manhattan.

A few months into the relationship I was really happy. This girl was wining and dining me, stretch limousines to the city and Broadway shows. I thought I had it made.

I remember the first time I went to her house though. I was surprised that it turned out to be a real shit shack. two bedroom house on one acre on the north fork. That’s not where diddy lives. I thought these people were wealthy. She told me her mom is very wealthy and just hiding it from her step dad, and that she likes it here better then their other house in the hamptons because she has her koi fish. ohhhhhhhh ok. There were two large ponds in the front of her house with 200 koi fish. They do cost about a thousand dollars each at that size. Maybe it’s true.
Here’s where I start to get screwed. About three months into the relationship she tells me, “You’ll never believe this,” and I shouldn’t have, “but one of our big clients at Crobar is having a major New Year’s Eve party at the Waldorf Astoria and they want me to plan the event.” I was listening intently. Being an event planner is what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. I know she knows nothing about it, and I’ve been working in the event industry for a while. I decided we should partner up and do it together. She said it was for Skadden Arps., the biggest law firm in the world, and the budget was $250,000 we would be getting 20% of that as payment for our services.

I really thought all my dreams were coming true, because of this girl, who treated me like shit, but that was ok at least I’m getting what I always wanted in life. A pretty girl, who makes a lot of money, drives a nice car, setting me up to being an extremely successful event planner. I could deal with her talking down to me like she owns me, or making fun of my much less fortunate family, or of my handicapped little brother. I could deal as long as I really believed that she had a higher value than I did. I let her abuse me. My friends and family would always wonder why. They would always question her; it was like they could see what I was blind to see. That’s why she hated them and didn’t let me see them or cause problems when I would see them. I lost many friends and hurt my family members because of this girl. I would always stick up for her. If I didn’t I’d get in trouble. I told them it’s not her fault she’s just raised to act this way her family has a lot of money. She talks like that to people because she’s use to talking down to people like they are “the help”. I thought I could change her. I thought I could make her a moral and good person. I thought I could make her stop doing coke, and stop laundering other peoples dirty drug money. How naïve of me.

As New Years grew closer she told me one day that she had planned everything for the party on her own and I didn’t need to do anything, which made me really upset that’s what I wanted to do. She also said that we got a bunch of clients for events next year. So at this point I thought our business was growing I decided to quit my job at the production company and stop taking my own clients for my dj company. When New Years came she said she got a table for me and a few friends at Pacha, I thought it would be comped because she worked there but it cost about 2 grand and she got pissed at me and my friends for not chipping in anything which made me really embarrassed. I was under the impression that she worked there and it wouldn’t cost a thing. All I wanted to do was go to the Waldorf and see the party for the law firm but she did not want to go. After the party I was really anxious to get paid, but she kept telling me there is a problem with the money. The IRS was looking into her for evading taxes on her business and she said that depositing the check right now the IRS would take all of it so we would have to wait until she cleared that up.

A few months later, she still didn’t pay me anything, still making excuses, still telling lies. I wasn’t working I quit to do this with her my debt was piling up sky high. She tells me she is taking a job at an escort agency to make some extra money, and she did. But she didn’t give me a dime. I had it, I packed up my stuff and decided we would just be friends and business partners. A few weeks later I was arrested because of checks that she told me to sign had bounced. She had written them out and I signed them because she lied and told me she was depositing the checks from our parties and they would not bounce. They were all for her bills but they prosecuted me because I signed the checks. I had to pay them about 3 thousand that I had to borrow from my family who hated her. I spent that night in jail thinking and thinking and it finally hit me. She doesn’t own a promotions company, her family isn’t wealthy, wealthy people pay their bills on time, she never dated anyone in the mafia. This was her lie she used to control me. The truth is she was an escort all along, that’s why she always had to leave in the middle of the night. She told me she had to go to the club to deal with something, or to get paid. She would come back with lots of cash the next day. This company isn’t real then, that was another way for her to control me. There never was a New Years party that’s why she didn’t want me to go to the Waldorf. It all hit me as I was alone in my cell.

While I was in jail my house caught on fire. I wasn’t there to stop it or even help. Half the house burnt to a crisp. My handicapped brother was admitted to the hospital. Luckily he was ok. A few days later my car was repossessed. I was still unemployed. It was all of this behaviorist’s fault. She had to lie about a business. She left me thousands of dollars in debt to my family and my creditors, thousands in debt to lawyers. Arrested twice for nine counts of check fraud. Checks that my stupid ass signed for her, thinking she would make a deposit into the account. My car is now gone. They put a lien on my mother’s house for 20,000$ The day I got out of jail was the last time I ever spoke to her. Deleted her number, threw her clothes in the trash, and stopped taking her calls. Chop Chop Chop.

I wish I could say there is a happy ending to this story but there isn’t. I haven’t gotten my revenge. Success is the only revenge and I’m not there yet. I’m still picking up the pieces and crawling out of this hole. I work at Target now and I bartend. I guess the only good thing is that I crashed and burned, but I also crashed and learned. I learned the signs of the behaviorist, needy, jealous and controlling. I learned how to smell bullshit from a mile away. Most importantly I learned what my value is, and that I let her take it from me. She changed me. She taught me about power and how to use it. Just by speaking well, by her negging me all the time. I learned first hand about this game from watching her play her escort game on me. It is because of her that I bought Mystery’s book. And it has been changing my life. I don’t think I could have chop chopped her out if it wasn’t for Mystery. He made me realize that I am the prize not her. He showed me how to DHV myself and lower her value. I was the prize all along and I let her lower my value to almost nothing. I think I stayed with her as long as I did because of convenience. I thought it was too hard to find someone better, but its not. You just have to know how to do it. Both Mystery and this girl have inspired me to be a better and much more successful person than I ever was. Thankfully I will never have to be punished by a behaviorist again.
March 20th, 2008

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