Here are the two most common questions I get from newbies asking for my training.

1. How do I get my ex back?

2. Do you know what to do about erectile dysfunction/premature ejaculation?

The good news is I don’t have to reinvent the wheel! For question number 1, there is already a great ebook on this subject to get your ex back (If it is salvageable). Go to this link to see the product. It is written in good, easy-to-follow language and starts right off the bat with two youtubes to get you started. Most importantly, if you get your ex back (If she is high value and positive) then you need no training from me if you are choosing high-valued women to go back to.

For question number 2, I highly recommend at first consulting your physician to ensure your problem is not a medical one that needs attention. If no medical problems are known I recommend 2 things: 1. The Multi-orgasmic Male book to learn what you can do to prepare properly for longer erections and longer time erect 2. site inquiry (Which is on my links to the right)

Try these recommendations first. If you still have issues it’s time to ask the expert how to find your future women

The third most common question I get is, “Techno, do you teach women at bootcamps?” ¬†Yes I do but that is not generally advertised.