Camped with 3 men and an approach coach. We ended up bouncing 7 people to Men’s Club after hours. Ladies with Men who don’t count taking full advantage…

Let’s just say the guys did VERY well after a day of lectures and hypnosis. Oneitis no more. Also we learned some style advice from Dapper Style house at 317 Morgan Street. If you want to update your avatar in Raleigh, NC, that’s the place to be! They are very knowledgable, and women looking at your ass to make sure your pants fit your ass perfectly cannot be beat for making sure you look your avatar best.

We went to my secret training location and one of the students showed how quickly a turnaround can be made from inner game reworking through training and hypnosis when he number closed within minutes of entering the venue with a single CPA. At venue number 2 we picked up 7 people and had women that we had cold approached to come with us to a stripper bar after hours. Next we taught the boys high level sexual and erotic hypnosis technique so they would be masters in the bedroom. If any women ever rejects them again, she lost her chance at a high-level lover! Duh!

Kudos to the guys who spent the weekend bettering their lives and learning how to set boundaries and do takeaways. Friends zone no more. Seduction zone here they come.