Here is a Field Report today from one of my newer students.

The coolest thing about this guy is he only did 1 weekend bootcamp with me, he’s been in game a few months and his wingmen are seeing a REAL difference as am I. (A few of his wingmen have not taken a bootcamp from me yet and now are second guessing why not after seeing this student rocket up in his successes). But the amazing thing to see here is his frame of reference. Read it and I’ll explain after.

(Edited to keep anonymity.)

I drove out on Saturday to see Cool Kid Collective play and meet up with Technoslaughter and my wingman who is one of his other students. Technoslaughter also had a brand new student coming out with him to eliminate approach anxiety for the first time.  After spotting my wingman and his dad and brother we approached the venue. I was about 80% sure that it was the right venue but stopped to ask the hottest set of girls I saw if it was indeed the right place. I did that just to get out of my head and warmed up to talking to strangers, which is what I recommend everyone do when they go out.

After entering I chatted with one of the members of CKC and walked with my wingman and his family to the bar. While waiting for drinks, there was a tan cutie at the bar also waiting for her drinks and lightly dancing to the music. I was field testing a new opener that night – I brushed her on her shoulder and said from behind, “Excuse me, I’m sorry but dancing isn’t allowed here.” She turned around with a smile and said something along the lines of “oh I’m sorry, I won’t do it then!”

We exchanged a few more words, can’t remember what exactly, and she held out her hand to introduce herself. Big IOI. I flirted with her for a little bit before she got her drinks (about three or four, obviously buying for a group). I locked in against the bar and she stood there chatting with me and asking me rapport-seeking questions. When a girl does that while holding drinks that she has to deliver to her friends it’s a massive IOI. With that time constraint in mind I stacked forward and qualified her as much as possible. She said she had to get back to her friends but said she looked forward to seeing me later that night. She had a real fun vibe and on top of that, she flies F-15’s for the air force!! Holy shit that’s hardcore. A girl who can whoop more ass than me is definitely girlfriend material.

Chatted with Technoslaughter and met his newest student.  Hey New student: you’ve got a real wholesome vibe and you’ll do great in field.

While I was hanging out with Technoslaughter and his newest student and meeting some of the women they were chatting with (he obviously got rid of his approach anxiety in one night!), a woman tapped me from behind and asked me to take her and her friends’ picture. Now one of the first things I learned from Mystery is to not jump into a girl’s hoop when she asks you to take their picture. It’s better to come across as an asshole than to fall into their frame. That being said I can’t get over how much of a jerk I feel like telling a girl I’m not going to take her picture. So now I go with whatever I’m feeling at the time. I’ve dismissed girls in the past if I didn’t like their approach. Sometimes I’ll take their picture, but I’ll tease them relentlessly for it and accuse them of wanting to take my picture. Naughty party girls. Since these women were being friendly and adding to the vibe I reciprocated by taking it. The birthday girl even offered to do my hair in return – she’s a hair stylist. She massaged some gel into my hair and we all took a bunch of pictures together, some of her friends yelling out “oh my god you and him would be the hottest couple!”

With an opener already in mind I ambled outside and approached the first two set of girls I saw. I’d rank them about 8’s. (if you do that sorta thing)
Me: “Hey guys, real quick. On a scale of one to ten…. what do you think of my hair?”
Blonde girl: “honestly… a 6”
Me: “Ouch, oh well, thanks for being honest. This hair stylist in there just offered to do my hair. She massaged some stuff into it. I haven’t even seen it yet.”
I purposely weaved this into an opener cause of the pre-selection it entailed. I teased the girls a little bit about their own hair and moved some of the strands on their heads around telling them I liked it better that way. Lots of laughter. I transitioned and stacked forward and my wingman came in and winged me at the perfect time. I agree with what Technoslaughter said – This student is a great wing and I knew once he was in set I could smooth it out and focus on my target.

My wing and I bounced the two girls inside to get a drink. My target was nice and intelligent. She was the responsible type, but that just isn’t what I’m looking for. She didn’t have the fun sense of humor that I want in a girl. So while we were at the bar, my F-15 fighter pilot from before walked by and I grabbed her and talked with her again. My wing occupied the two set from before and this definitely worked some jealousy on my girl from the set since she had to observe me flirt with this other girl. Even after my wing disengaged from them they were giving me proximity for the rest of the evening. (In retrospect that may have been bad wingmanship since I left my wingman occupying the two set on his own).

I’ll start wrapping this FR up – I isolated and sat down with my F-15 fighter pilot. She told me, “You know, I don’t like meeting guys at bars, but you’re really nice.”  She kept on telling me she liked me but that she doesn’t do one night stands – she plays wing woman for her Air Force buddies so she knows what guys are after when they go out. I left her for a moment and left the bar forgetting to get her number – so I parked my car and ran back in to number close. She only comes up to Raleigh once a month though :-/ She was the right girl for me personality-wise but not logistically.

On a side note, she told me how she always has to open sets of girls for her guy friends in the Air Force. Goes to show you what kind of balls we have doing cold approach – they might fly fighter jets, but they can’t even go up and talk to girls on their own!

Cool Kid Collective played an awesome show and that definitely added to the vibe of the evening. (End Field Report)


That’s a helluva report because it teaches so much: How to come up with situational openers, you dhv just from having a cool vibe and interesting opens. Natural opens come from having fun things happen and continuing the vibe.

He is going into the game seeking women that he likes! Not just “10’s” or “Hot women” or “Hired guns” etc. Too many times a PUA seeks validation in the physical value of the women he seeks versus the vibe, the energy. The real important things. I always ask my students in a bootcamp what kind of woman they are looking for. “Long legs. Asian.” Strikes as seeking the wrong things based on just outward appearnace.  Compare that to, “She has to look nice, but I’m really looking for a girl with a fun, adventurous vibe. Positive energy. That suits me best.”  The writer of this FR has made that leap in a rapid amount of time. He now screens his women and that, in and of itself, makes him much more attractive than any DHV story or gambit can make him be.

Now do you guys notice the difference between this field report and the general stuff you read in other pua forums? This student talks to women, and chooses to continue to talk to them based on if he LIKES the woman from the inside! Wow! What a concept!  There are so many lost PUAs that are looking for physical 10’s, but not really looking for a certain positive vibe and friendliness. You see these puas with facebook pages with girl after girl after girl in the pics. The women all look the same but the picture doesn’t look like she is that into him. Many a PUA finds themselves using the same game over and over again to sleep with 100’s of the same woman over and over again.  Not only does that empty your sexual gas tank, that empties your soul.  You get bored. Unfulfilled

My students learn right away to value their opinion of what they like in a woman.  Jack the Ripper’s podcast just ripped into a pua named “sexter” who said “I only date 9’s and 10’s.” That student is caught up in a shallow circle and is only dating based on physical appearance. Many a time those students end up having huge egos and depend on other people to validate them.  The student who wrote this field report is self validating: In other words he has the confidence and self esteem to ensure he likes the woman too. He isn’t just going after 10’s on the outside. He is going for internal 10’s that HE HIMSELF has defined. He isn’t trying to prove himself by just going after 10’s. (Trust me this student has had them too.)

I myself like all types, especially the conservative ones that you can unlock into sexual maniacs.  With positive energy and high intelligence. Yum. That’s what I screen for. (They also can’t be like my psycho-ex-wife behavioralist.)

Also observe: He comes up with his openers on the spot and spontaneously with the situation at hand. That’s after one bootcamp. And in addition, he analyzes his game and focuses on the positives and the positive learning experiences. NO NEGATIVES. Is he AFC for going back to get the woman’s phone number? Hell no! He decided it was worth getting. If this parlays into a ride on an F15 for his favorite PUA instructor that’s excellent social circle game WINK WINK.

He followed up this FR with this email message to me:


Regarding that post, I’m making an epiphany in my gaming – issues of ethics and personal fulfillment aside, genuinely screening and qualifying women actually improves your game. A girl senses that you’re choosing her based on her unique qualities and that makes you more attractive. I could go on and on about how this relates to your social circle and everything in life but I’ll save it for a journal entry.


As you can see above, my socratic methods lead to teaching how to learn pick up too. After one bootcamp this student is down the right learning and philosophical path. He isn’t looking for the best gambits anymore. He is seeking his best self and getting very close in a short amount of time, and learning game theory from the inside out and making the discoveries on his own. Yes, what he wrote above has probably been written down before by another guru, but when you go out in field and discover it for yourself, process it, and enunciate it, you have learned that you too are your own guru.