Some coaches would never post this because of their claims and how they want to present the false illusion that all their students get sex in the first bootcamp. This is real life. Some have issues or cores or frames that take way more work than that.

So on facebook today I had a proud moment. A student I had been working with for the last year finally lost the v card! (Lost his virginity) at 28 years old. This is a guy who attracts lots of women. Huge amounts. But had some inner game reworking necessary to get to this point. It took a year of coaching, but I think it was a ustream podcast and some more coaching that finally got him over the hump! Or rather got him the hump!!!

Congrats to this student! You know who you are. I am a proud papa that more women will have the pleasure of making love to this man from this point on. They grow up so fast.