Student 1. Never read much about game and is always friend-zoned. Bootcamped with me once and yesterday was showing me video of him with an HB10 who fully consented to the video. He got the close on day 3 of bootcamp.

Student 2. In game for nearly a year. Bootcamps galore with some of the top companies in LA. No closes. Lots of numbers.

The difference? Outcome dependence. Student 1 had no expectations from his learning and after learning my base lecture series, used it directly in field and got the close. Student 2: full expectations that things would get better slowly and systematically with each newfound knowledge. With that frame he only improved incrementally only expecting certain waypoints of success.

We are humans. No such thing as waypoints. If you are open to what is in front of you and whatever happens, you get what you allow. If you already have a firm picture in your mind how long your training will take to get you the close, you are already behind before you started.

Start becoming independent of the outcome. Learn to have fun no matter what. Have a positive energy and vibe, and do things you like rather than pickup. Remember, it’s an enhancement to your life, not your life. If you make it your life, you haven’t learned one DAMN thing. Just replaced bad with bad….