How many times has a woman told you, “I have a boyfriend”? If you are even reading this blog it’s more than likely a bazillion times and prior to game you had no tools to handle it. Now I have many frame changes, the best coming from Speed Seduction such as, “You don’t have to prove to me that SOMEBODY finds you attractive. That’s not what I’ll base my decision about you.”

However how many times has an MPUA taught you about THIS statement from a woman. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” How many times have you heard that and just passed it by? How many times have you heard that and thought, “Oh, I have a chance! Gotta get my game on!”

Now if your game is good and tight, how many of you heard this and heard, “She’s asking me out. Right here. Right now.”

Think about it. You’ve heard a million bazillion times, “I have a boyfriend” and are now learning ways to plow through that social program, especially when she’s using it as a shield from the 1000 opens she gets a week. But now you heard “I don’t have a boyfriend.” A woman who states that already feels comfort with you. She is putting it out there. And in that one moment is telling you you are a candidate. If you weren’t she wouldn’t say it. She would keep the “I have a boyfriend” in her pocket to use if you became creepy. It is such a profound thing that many gurus forget to teach their students. If she mentions she doesn’t have a boyfriend, you have the invitation to create the serendipitous “It just happened” moment.

Now does that mean you become a sleazeball and start hitting on her heavily? NO! She still wants the seduction of a master pickup artist. The statement, “I don’t have a boyfriend” is the wide open invitation however, and you are a candidate in a sea ful of buyers and beggars and afc’s.

It hit me and Joe D how huge a paradox this is, but nobody ever mentions it. For most guys the statement is passed over. Glossed over. Ignored for the true framing going on here. She is framing you as a guy that she feels it’s important to tell that she is not in a relationship.

This week I was told by 2 different exotic dancers that they no longer have boyfriends. They made a point of mentioning it. They made sure it was on my facebook wall. They haven’t even changed their relationship status. DON’T PASS UP THE OBVIOUS. THE OBVIOUS STATEMENTS WOMEN GIVE YOU. If you are too much in your head thinking about what to say next or gaming, you will miss the “Come get me” statements women make.

For instance, I have one student who I talked to for 2 hours on his text game technique. I could have forwarded him to two of my colleagues “Text game” manuals. However his problems wasn’t his text game. He was so much in his head about how to text her perfectly to get her to bed, that he missed her obvious statement to take her to bed. He was at a club with her, she asked him to take her home. HE MISSED THE OBVIOUS. She wanted to go home with him to screw his intestines and pancreas out. But he was worried about gaming her right that he got angry for something minor and didn’t take her home. DUH! I did a virtual head smack by phone and told him to claim his birthright. The reason she started acting bitchy was that he was still gaming her after she said for him to drive him home. GIRLS DON’T USUALLY FLAT OUT TELL YOU THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. They will blatantly tell you in their ways. She said take me home later. My women said, “I DON’T have a boyfriend.” If she looks at your, raises her eyebrows sensually, and looks at your crotch full well knowing you are catching her in the act, that too is stating the obvious.

In speed seduction, that patterns and the language are parts of the method. But LISTENING and WATCHING for her to go to that naughty part of her mind while thinking of you is one of the golden key’s of learning it. Many times I get a guy who bootcamped from another company and he got trained to be another character, and to have gambits, and to paste a whole bunch of horseshit on himself only to find out he is only clouding his vision even further. FUCK THAT. Quiet your mind and become a keen observer. That way when a woman makes it heavily clear she doesn’t have a boyfriend, when she uses the boyfriend line every day 1000 times a week, you can CLEARLY hear what she is saying to YOU. “You have a chance big boy. Come and get it.” Quiet your mind. Train to focus on her language and when her body language tells you she is ready for you and you can get rid of half the bullshit teaching that people are paying 3000 bucks for a weekend for. Meditation is free.

With this realization “I don’t have a boyfriend” should be just as much a happy trigger for you as “I have a boyfriend” was a negative trigger in the past.

Now go out and LISTEN.