Ok. You have guys who call themselves “Online experts” and “Texting experts” and “Day game experts” and “Facebook/Myspace experts” and “NLP” experts and “Same Night Lay” experts. Today I’m going to help you sniff out if they are truly MPUA’s or online experts or facebook experts.

I first talked about how you can use photographs to sniff out the ones who are good and the ones who are bad. If you use photograph forensics, you can tell if a guy who says he’s good with women and using social artistry is truly good or just full of hot air and BS when you look at the ladies’ head tilts.

Here’s another way to find out if you are dealing with a bullshit artist. Facebook or other social networking profiles. A true Master Pickup Artist will have lots of women as his friends, and those women who find him interesting will be showing online proximity: commenting on status posts, photos, posting on the artist’s wall about the night before or some memory or a great time. Yes, even thanking them for the cube or a palmread if they are still using the old school “Chick Crack.” You’ll see lots of “Nice to meet you”‘s and lots of “Can’t wait to go out” and sometimes even some jealousy game. Women upset he’s not coming out. And of course you’ll see lots of congruent photos of attraction. WITH NO DOUCHEBAG FACES OR MUGGING to show he is interested in women.

Here’s what I see from many of the so-called “Gurus”.
1. Lots of guys. Not a woman to be seen commenting/liking/sharing their status posts or photos. Well, actually you’ll usually see 2 types of women. Mom or their sister praising them for being so good with…. women.\
2. Miscalibrated posting to nobody. How can you tell? No replies or comments to their status updates
3. Cryptic status updates. “Having fun.” “Going out.” “Great time.” Why not say, “Riding the bull at the Saddleranch, come meet us out!” to show they are the social leader?
4. No photos with women. Lots of logos, lots of poses, lots of douchebag photos, lots of GUYS. Photos of students opening sets.
5. Never “In a relationship” or talk about the opposite sex.
6. Lots of talk about their male students. Hmmmm.

Now don’t get me wrong. Some pua’s have a second facebook where they post their PUA stuff to their PUA brethren and that is different from the personal Facebook that should have all the stuff I am talking about. Only my students and close friends and acquaintances get access to mine. But I use it to allow my students to see how true online social proof works. You can learn and pay for all the theory and lines that you want. But having the nitty gritty to be able to do it on facebook, right then and there, is important as proof that you know what you are doing. Case in point: One of my posts yesterday had 16 women like or reply to the post. 3 guys liked or replied (One of the Ross Jeffries! LOL). Can your favorite guru claim the same?

For example, Bravo PUA, formerly of Stylelife, has a program about online game he is now selling (Click here). His personal facebook is also CONGRUENT with someone who uses online game to attract women. This is a product I would trust, and teaches game from using Plenty of Fish as well as other services. He presented at the PUA World Summit and had the activity and energy of someone who gets laid. Non needy. Not hitting on all the models or working his game. You wouldn’t believe how many other “Gurus” were doing just the opposite. Bravo’s product I would trust.

I myself incorporate online lessons for my personal students and use my facebook as an example of how to revamp. I have met beautiful women through Plenty of Fish as well using the techniques that Bravo himself was also touting at the PUA World Summit.

If you are interested in one-on-one or bootcamp training for long term results, whether it be online or cold approach club game, or day game, maybe we should talk! Contact me on my email on the home page.