Hey guys!
I just completed a lecture on Udemy.com based on TJ’s student question. He wanted to know my basic style for seated sets. http://www.udemy.com/asset/28913/seated-sets-a-students-question.html

Now TJ is asking because he has actually witnessed one of my seated two set openers on a rooftop club this summer and wondered how I did it so smoothly and got the number in 5 minutes from an hb8 chemist. 2 other students witnessed me at  a local cocktail lounge open a seated 3 set of 3 hb10’s that we found out consisted of a stripper/cocktail waitress/model. They fought over closing me that evening and  it led to me spending two evening with the exotic dancer. This set eventually led to some of my social proof at the local exotic dancer clubs as well, leading to wingman Dionysus dating one of the exotic dancers there. I am still in the social group with these three women! In fact they bring women to me all the time to date if they have never had orgasm too knowing my ability to do no-touch orgasms but that is another story. (See david shade’s products at my website http://masterpickupartists.com for that info on what I do. His “Advanced sexual hypnosis” product is money).

Anyhow, NO I don’t make the woman stand up and spin then I sit down LOL. That still works, but once someone sees that they will amog you as a pickup artist.

Anyhow discuss the lecture on udemy and let me know what you think.