July 13,14, 15 in Raleigh NC, we will be having a PNCW, Project Hollywood Yahoo reunion! Featuring Michelle Terrell, a top female guide and intimacy coach from Arizona who has helped many men with their touch and intimacy issues. She will be bringing her valuable insight, and two massage tables, to instruct men in the art of manly touch with a woman. Price is 150 per person until 5/25/2012 and the price rises to 200 bucks per person. email me at technoslaughter@masterpickupartists.com if interested. The training starts 7pm Friday and ends 5 pm Sunday, and we will have a vip table at one of the Raleigh party venues Saturday evening for fun and revelry.  I refuse to let students use me to practice touch, and Michelle is admittedly much better at it 🙂


The Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention remains open for ticket sales September 14, 15, 16

The next 2 people to purchase a ticket using this link get to come sarging with me Saturday night at one of the most exclusive venues in LA. How exclusive? I had to make reservations and plunk down half of the 1000 dollar table fee 4 months in advance, and that was with pulling my well-established social circle strings. Leo Di Caprio, Paris Hilton, and many other big names make this place a regular stop for partying due to the lack of the papparazzi. CLick here to purchase a ticket for 749 before the tickets rise close to 3000 dollars per ticket.



All year-long slots have been filled. Contact me if you are interested in individual bootcamp trainings.