We had a great bootcamp this weekend. Guys of course eliminated approach anxiety in 1 night. (It never takes 1000 sets with my students. That’s old technique). We used Emotional Freedom Technique and it was GONE! (I don’t care what anyone says, that stuff works and the students prove it time and again, regardless of the science behind it). Two mPUA students and I demo’d in field for them Friday night. At the end of Friday I had a hired gun and a well-known Nascar Driver’s ex-girlfriend agree to go to after hours at the Men’s Club (the only After-Hours place in Raleigh to hang from 2am to 5 am except at our house parties) then one of them felt like puking so that messed up logistics since she had to go home. As DJ Fuji says in the J the Ripper pickup podcast number 25, I did the stuff, I lived the life, and showed the friends, I showed my example, and the students learned what their lives could be like. (He tells it like it is: You have to bust your ass more in field when you have students. You can’t go home with girls when you are with students! If you are a good coach, you have to blow the girls off… except 15 minutes before 2 am).

Yesterday the students got the foundational lectures and they had absolutely amazing success in field last night. Number closes, one had a same night lay answer but logistics screwed it up (his cell phone died!). She gave him the “What are you doing later?” question and he had a strong lesson learned what
that means in code. (What are you doing later because I want to go home and have sex with you.). One mPUA student lectured on gambits for the first time yesterday and did a great job.

We encountered a Bachelorette party at the first venue. All the students looked like veterans. We saw another set of obvious pua-trained boys trying pua game who had no comfort game. Lots of attraction game with dancing and clowning but they never stopped to slow down with the women and get comfort to make out so they were blown out.

We went to Brooklyn Heights and each guy opened some more and we had one great set where we winged a new student in his endeavors as he had shots bought for him by a group of HB’s. We had a 19 year old student (Lucky dog starting this young) who broke through all his barriers for the evening and opened like a master. Women love his snakebite lip piercings. One student thought he screwed up when he tried to number close a married woman. Lesson learned. However later in the evening it pays off at a 2nd venue when she sees him while in set and DHV’s him when she waves to him and accelerates the action in the set.

Went to a third venue. Some big butthole pretended there was a 5 dollar cover. I texted the GM who is a good friend and he came right to the door and let us in and the idiot at the door pretending there was a cover was blown out. Then the fun began.

I taught a lesson on dance floor game. Me, a coach, and a student did it and it was like clockwork just as Kosmo had taught me. No we didn’t break dance. One student had bright pink pants on and does the worm
(And bruises his elbow during the performance) we all look up and are surrounded by loads of women! We are dhv’d and we open at will. Just like it always happens when I teach and do the dance floor game.

The pink-pants student has easy access to the hb’s all night at this venue and number closes a women on the lounge chairs. He also opens a woman who is a sex therapist like the lady in Season two of the pickup artist. She was kind of messed up in the head and didn’t take to his opener. Whatever, her loss. The students had seen me open and also get blown out on purpose so they could see the true reaction a life artist has when blown out. You smile and keep on going! Ghost-like.

We then move on to a fourth venue. That place was buzzing and each student did well again and we called it a night.

Today we had a great learning space, and a pivot showed how free a man and woman can be in their sexuality and that women are not sluts or whores.

Great student questions and insights. Insight 1: It’s not burned. It’s well carmelized. Insight 2: When you have a woman qualify, it’s perfectly fine to screen for things YOU like. To have her seduce YOU. Lots of times students artificially say the gambits they’ve learned. “I search for a positive energy, a positive outlook, a good peronality.” We found out what the students want in a woman. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER at a bootcamp not one of the guys said a physical characteristic or nationality.

What were they looking for? Student 1: Great talker. Student 2: A woman who wants lots of kids and would be a great mom. Student 3: A woman who can take my shit.

So now instead of qualifying with the “Can you cook” or “What’s cool about you instead of your looks, these guys can be absolutely REAL and ask, “so, can you carry on a good conversation?” or “Do you want kids? Would you make a good mother?” And “Can you argue with the best of them? Would you be able to hang with a man who likes arguing and still have a great relationship?” as their qualifying questions. Sometimes with the training out there, we forget that seduction is a 50-50 proposition. You want to attract the woman, but SHE should also turn you on and match the qualities you are looking for! There is NO GAMBIT that allows you to extract this info out except YOUR OWN. So you must 1. Know what you want in a woman as far as inner characteristics. 2. Know how to ask a woman, politely but directly, if she matches those characteristics. 3. If she does, game on. If she doesn’t, friend her or tell her she doesn’t match up well with you and ask her if she has sisters or friends.

Some guys have no clue what they want and keep finding the wrong woman… because all will be wrong until you know what you want. Seduction is about the woman showing what she’s got too, not just gaming 9’s and 10’s because of their looks.

The guys had great questions about aftergame, so the next lecture I’m putting together is on aftergame… after you have had success getting the number and getting a relationship, how to get value building, positive relationships that have no payback expectations…

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