Below is  an email I got from my secret email group, technopuastudents. My students share their field reports and their experiences with each other, and below is one that shows you how successful, and different, my training is. In a world where PUA gurus measure their worth in sales and product, gurus like me show you the way out of this needy mentality that the next big gambit or the next big product launch is going to improve your game. The student writing the report is from Los Angeles, the hub of pick up training with more companies centered there than ever. Seeing a difference in my philosophies at the PUA World Summit this past September, he decided to fly out New Years eve weekend to North Carolina to train with me and he’ll admit his game has skyrocketed ever since. He has taken bootcamps from the best known gurus in LA and even a same night lay bootcamp.  But his success had to come from inner reworking rather than more training, and that’s where I came in. 

So as you read below and imagine how his success can be yours too, imagine how you too can succeed in learning a new paradigm in game with my training. This student has not only learned, he has learned HOW to learn the game by what he calls “Rebooting” his system.  The email follows


What’s up guys

I am sharing this idea with you guys to get feedback from all on what do u guys thinks of it .

I have been smacking my brain on why my game has sky rocketed after taking a bootcamp with technoslaughter, what the fuck happened suddenly in the last 2 weeks that fucked it up completely and, why again it is starting to rise exponentially.

My conclusion is that it all came down to rebooting myself. The biggest factor was NOT more material, more newer ideas, not of anything. It is logically contradictory, but the answer is LESS of everything.

Each time I clear my mind, head, body  and energy of a previously held, past belief or filter, I feel awseome. I weed it out of the system, throw it out, and clear the energy.  I am starting to get very aware of my past childhood beliefs that were instilled by my mom, or society, or friends, teachers, etc, etc from my past are coming up and I am spending lot of energy to break them down and remove it from my system.  Then I go through my past experiences , my whole past life and it strikes me like a thunderbolt and I actually see, and feel the , real ‘reality’ in a different way .  (it is a big fuck up that I did not mention my dad in here, but now I am starting to realize that he is actually fucking very awesome and most of his beliefs… if he would have made an effort to not let my mother brainwash me,… then would have allowed a completely different life story for me and him).

For example , I still have this urge to keep looking for ‘ the solution ‘, more and more material, a solution outside yourself, and I realized that I was NOT like this by default , it came down to a fucked up idea that was planted in my head by my mother for various selfish reasons of her own , knowingly or unknowingly , and I don’t blame her for that. Another stupid belief that I picked up on my own, brain washing myself with it was the idea that I need gambits, and magic and all that clown thing to get chicks, and that I am not sufficient by myself. That was in the past, but it is just fucking utter bull shit, and I now know that I am awesome naturally and all I have to do it just be ‘normal’  and be myself and if I get out of my head and start observing whats really happening, without judgement and preconceived filters I am realizing that girls are trying to pick me up, get into my pants and fuck me as soon as possible. When I clear my head and energy and go have some fun, then these incredible things are happening to me, that hit my reality so hard that I have trouble accepting that this is fucking true (with this new belief though when I look into my past experiences, i relate that it was happening to me consistently even before I got into this pickup shit, just that i wasn’t aware of it, obviously because i didn’t believe it in the past , lol, what a self  fulfilling circle, it is hilarious), like, new chicks texting you at midnight to meet up earlier on a Thursday night instead of a weekend afternoon(i was trying to have a afternoon fuck so that I can go out in the evening for more 🙂 ), trying to accommodate you and fuck you before she leaves for her Vegas trip with her gay friends, another girl begging me via text msg to actually stop texting and call her because she wants to ‘meet up’ (fuck me 🙂 ) BEFORE i leave for my trip to Cabo, coz she cant wait for two weeks to get into my pants , lol,etc, etc. How the fuck can I explain these events with my old belief system ? It just doesn’t fit and the structure completely falls away and gives rise to new pillars or beliefs that is more congruent to my present reality.  I am wondering how can you accelerate this change and be more accurate in identifying the limiting filters to break them down first , before instilling new ones , preferably through physical manifestation. I am rebooting myself from now on, that is the way to mastery for me. New things I have realized that are true, girls are constantly trying to get into my pants once I say hi to them, it is simple to get a girl into bed but doesn’t feel easy only due to time and energy required for it, pickup is really simple, it is being made complicated and appear like this herculean task full of rules, limitations, do this not that, etc etc, like a fucking college degree curriculum by these gurus and marketing so that they can get into your head, make it complicated and then sell a ‘solution’ for the ‘problem’ they originally created, fucking scam. I might have broken 1000 pickup rules by now and it doesnt seem to fucking matter at all. Peace.



Below I have included my reply and 2 students’ replies to his email:


On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 7:42 AM, wrote:
> you went through what I and most guys go through. Some success, and then you
> go back to old patterns of thought and behavior. Like you “Need” game to
> attract women. You start worrying you are losing it and you game some more
> to get it back. But the KEY is that you realized what you were doing, and
> got back to the basics of being awesome. (Nobody had to add ANYTHING to what
> you were already doing. You just needed the horseshit cleared out, and some
> eye opening lessons that showed you that you were money, and NOW KNOW IT.
> You are now like that big bear with these fangs and these teeth, and Now you
> know how to kill the bunny.
> the reboot is essential. Many guys NEVER see that they have gone back to old
> habits and thoughts. They don’t have the benefit of writing field reports to
> other guys who can smell the return to old thinking a mile away. You
> remember. the reboot from the phone call we had when you thought you were losing it was me saying, “Nah. You haven’t
> lost it. You’ll go out tonight and find you still have it.” reframed that
> you were money, not going into  a downward spiral. Some guys feel the spiral
> and say it’s happening. Some sense it and immediately say, “ Let’s not have
> that again.” You did the right thing. recognized, called me about it,
> rebooted, and boom you are off and running again.
> It’s comfortable to go back to old  thinking. You are used to it. Do not go
> gentle into that good night.

On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 9:30 AM, BH wrote:

I feel ya Dude!  I used to think I needed more material, more game,
and all it did was wear me out and make me not want to bother anymore.
I got more and more try hard, then I would say “fuck it” and not even
bother, rinse repeat.  Now I’m just about self improvement and being
social while spending as little energy ‘trying’ as I can.  And Technoslaughter is
good at picking out where those old habits are still running.

Good feedback is money 😀

On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 10:00am MG wrote:
going out with the who gives a fuck is always the best.  My learning lesson for the past month is just go out have fun and be positive and things will attract and pull into you.  
But good shit.
The zen of game is the better you get, the less material you need. If you find yourself buying more material, bootcamps, or training as you progress, you are going down the downward spiral of trying to replace yourself with someone else’s game. Avoid this pitfall by training with gurus like myself that get your best SELF out. Not your best gambit-riddled person.