The Tranny Next DoorI’m posting because you have exactly 2 months to think up a great costume for this halloween coming up. My reminder of the time to start thinking something up is when I get my invite to Karma Playboy Mansion Halloween party (Which just came in email today, Oct 30, 2010 will be the date, Playboy Mansion Beverly Hills is the place).

Because you have this much time, you don’t have to go out as a facebook page complete with wall that people use marker to leave messages on. That was last year PUA costume. The year before was twitter. The year before was myspace. And don’t be funny or die. However if anyone can pull off the little kid who dances to Flo Rida’s “Low” on Youtube then you got my vote for funniest.

2 years ago I had a great time and dressed up as the “tranny next door.” A male version of a playboy bunny, dressed as sexy as possible, shaved legs and all. I was so popular even some playmates and Hugh Hefner’s girls were stopping me to chat and take pictures. The costume can make or break the night. (Just ask Nick Quick about his super sperm costume LOL).

So here are some of my favorite places to shop. I’ve been able to get some discount deals setup with these vendors to help you on your way to searching and buying costumes:

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And we can’t leave out the ladies. This site here caters to high end club wear halloween costumes to make your lady look sexy as ever.
Whether you are going for spooky or sexy this Halloween season get 25% off costumes at! Use Code: AMIHLWRG25 Exp. 10/31

Have fun coming up with costume ideas!

BTW my costume for Halloween at the Playboy mansion cost me 400 dollars. And was worth every Friggin cent I spent. Custom corset from Meschantes’ corsetry so my corset was the same quality as the playmates’, bunny ears, stockings from Victoria’s Secret. Putting the costume together itself was a great daygame exercise let alone the buzz and attention I got. That year I was “That guy” during the party and made many life-long Hollywood friends…
The Tranny Next Door