So I am going to reveal what I presented at the PUA world Summit. This is my masterpiece and my contribution to the game. My presentation to the VIP’s of the PUA World Summit went really well and many of the guys are telling me it was the best, most fresh information presented at the summit.

I teach all my students Photograph reading. I’ve been doing so for 2 years now and it is GOLD in field.

It is a way to allow you to calibrate immediately.

It is a way to cold read the group you are gaming.

It is a way to be a better consumer by looking at a guru’s photos and seeing if he truly can attract women or not.

Here are the basics:

In a photograph, if the head of a person tilts towards a person, they are attracted to them
If the head tilts away, they are not attracted or actually repulsed.
If the head is upright, the person is neutral and has no attraction for the person yet.

Body position shows relation to groups and to the person.
If there is a gap in head or body position, more work needs to be done to attract the person
Gaps can also signify a person feels ostracized.
People on the periphery of a group in a photo also at times feel ostracized or outcast or are not integrated in the group.

Mugging of the face and hand signs are a way to modify the reading. If head shows attraction and the person is mug-facing or showing a peace or gang sign, this negates the attraction in the head position.

Hand on the chest is a pure sign of intimacy: readiness to be intimate and sexual vs already having sex with the person. A hand on the leg or body means the same.

Lioness neck: If a woman is exposing a large portion of her neck in a photo to the PUA, it is a sign that she is ready to be taken. Same night lay possible.

I did a powerpoint for the VIP’s of the summit and Psyche and Epik were attendees and they were blown away. Psyche came up to me and showed me about 10 photos from his cell phone and was excited that he truly learned something new and simple and practical, YET POWERFUL in pickup. And I’m the one who created the information.

I was asked By Johnny Wolf to present again today because a few vip’s missed the presentation.

Last night me and my entourage went to Kress rooftop. Used the gambit. I used it on three beauties from Hungary. Then got closed on the dance floor by a Mexican beauty who fell in love with Salvino’s Hand hug routine.

More to come…. I will have pics in the next upcoming blog when I have time.