I am featured on DVD 8 the all star panels part 1. Vince kelvin’s website is selling the dvd’s right now. <a href=”aaa>CLick here for the link.</a>
In the DVD I explain my top concepts: Wrecking the room, frame change: Average Frustrated Naturals vs Average Frustrated Chumps, and Kicking cats vs. Kicking balls.
Pick up a copy! You get training on dvd from Vince Kelvin, David Wygant, Bravo, Dj Fuji and Psych, El Topo, Brad P, Speer, My good friend Maven is on there too, Mehow, Adam Lyons, Bad Boy, Nick quick and Epik, Bonsai, Hypnotica, Johnny Wolf, Gareth Jones, and I’m search ing for James marshall’s amazing talk. Would be too bad if he wasn’t on there!