So I made it on a Casanova’s Crew Podcast! Gudtimes makes mention about me at !!! Gudtimes and I met at the PUA World Summit and he’s made changes in his life after a few talks with me on facebook. Listen to the podcast to see what he says.

Last night I got into the “Tapping” debate in pickup. Here’s the problem. Lots of PUA “Guru’s” are downplaying tapping in pickup as a sham and fake. The problem is they are jumping a bandwagon on tapping because it is fun to Jump all over the character/characters of people who use it for pickup. Namely Erika Awakening. Now this is no endorsement of her or anything. But if you were at the PUA World Summit VIP session on Monday after the entire summit, and were part of the tapping session, you would have seen 3 guys breaking down crying from the intense emotions they experienced, and having a sudden breakthrough in their game realizing what it was that was holding them back. Now the other 17 didn’t have as intense an experience, but they had at least seen the breakthroughs in front of them.

Being in the healthcare field as well, I have used tapping/emotinal freedom technique successfully for hundreds of patients where it did no harm to try it after years of frustration with traditional medicine.  I’ve eliminated fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, PTSD, anxiety, phobias, performance anxiety (In the bedroom and on stage) etc. I have read the research and it is limited in that there is no measure for success in peptide flow yet. No direct measures, just anecdotal and those that improve quality of life.  But it’s coming… as long as someone is interested in doing the work. Since this method gets rid of the need for meds, you won’t see any studies done by pharmaceutical companies. And there lies the problem. The investigation will never get published with no pharmaceutical company support.

In game, EFT/Tapping has helped release physical symptoms that are related to approach anxiety, and any symptoms that hold a person back from past experience. For instance, this past weekend a student had an intense experience with the tapping and the hypnotherapy I do. He was held back from being the black sheep in the family. He was the physically abused scapegoat of his family. All of that had built up to him being nervous and unable to move forward with women. After some intense change work we did EFT and hypnosis in combination and you could see the change happening internally. “Am I supposed to feel tingling all over after this????” he asked. Yes. Yes you are. ) tried to go up against me by saying that there was no way my argument was valid because there was no way I was a doctor. Better yet he said it was because “You don’t sound like a doctor.”  Wow. Just because I don’t write journalspeak all the time he wrote me off. So which is worse, arguing based on the current science, or arguing by attacking the messenger. Brett. I’m a doctor. You are just a medical student. As a medical student you started misstating the science by saying peptide flow makes no sense because pheromones cause group cycling in women etc. Dude. Peptide hormones exist. Some pheromones are peptide hormones. All you did was prove my theory in your argumentative state. And look like a fool to all my hundreds of students and colleagues who know how good of a doctor I am and my reputation.  It’s a basic lesson.

He sounded like a know-it-all medical student who thinks he knows more than someone with 16 years of clinical experience.  Now some of them do. But they argue based on their clinical experience, not by what they think they know and how they think someone isn’t a doctor because of how they “sound” ha ha ha. Brett You have a lot of learning to do when it comes to the “Art” of medicine. If you ever can find the reasons to enhance this part of your experience let me know. The medical students who train with me are some of the strongest in medicine after they work with me because they see the matrix and are always sending other medical students to me after their own profound changes. Just go to Gary Craig’s website and see how many physicians have accepted tapping as a regular part of their practices where there are no other alternatives.

Now that being said, 2 of my students pulled same night last night and they both had tapping this weekend. Correlation? No fear of approach or rapid escalation. Most other gurus tell people they can NEVER get rid of AA. Mine eliminate that and so much more. I hope the rest of the community catches up one day to those results.  I challenge the community to convince my patients and students who have experienced profound rapid change through my methods to convince them tapping is a sham. I was just trying to help the community understand how destructive their thinking on this is.