OK guys. I have been doing online game ever since I did my first “recon” profile from David M’s teachings. I’ve been doing it for a while and one of my long term relationships is from online game. But I have to tell you something. BravoPUA’s online game program has just blown me the fuck away. Here’s why. (And this is being disclosed to you WITHOUT any affiliation or commission from the pua or his product). Bravo was slated as the speaker at the reunion we were supposed to have last weekend and he was going to disclose this stuff to us but we did not have the reunion at this time.

Here’s the low down. I just got access to the forum last night. In it you get a video on online game, you get copious samples of his tested “about me” statements and headlines and guidelines on photos. You also get direct instruction from Bravo on the forum answering his student’s questions. His forum also has a free section discussing general game.

While browsing the online game forum, I came across one of his STUDENT’S posts and saw an intriguing method. Asking for the phone number right on the first message. Bravo had tweaked the student’s message and presented a better, more alpha way of doing it. I had to try it just to see how legit his instruction was.
Lo and behold, in just the first HOUR after reading 2 of the forum threads of his online dating program I GOT 4 PHONE NUMBERS today, using just one of his STUDENT’s techniques in his forum! I am blown away. Day 1 meetup has just been set up just now with one of them and she is a hottie. (Bravo also teaches you how to read the photos for deception of weight and looks). Let me share with you this technique I used last night so you can see the quality of what’s going on in this forum.

I basically wrote out in my first message to these women (10 total that I picked):

A little banter and fluff of what I liked on her web page using her anchor words she hand delivers in her message. Then straight from Bravo’s student:

“I know how most guys on here have time to waste…
Unlike the other guys on here… I actually don’t have trouble meeting girls or getting dates.
But don’t reply to this if you just want to shoot messages back and forth.
I’ve been on this site awhile now, going on dates with girls I met here, But I don’t think the messaging has ever actually helped me get to know someone.
So instead, shoot me your number, and when I have the time we’ll chat for 10 min. and I can find out if you’re as cool as you seem.

You can see how POWERFUL the message is. And if this is the quality of stuff the students are posting on the forum, just think of the stuff bravo is producing (I did look at it and it is top notch). I’m real excited to get through much of what is on the forum now, and to tweak my Plenty of fish and ok cupid profiles.

He was asked by Style to become the resident online game expert while they were teaching together, and was eventually the go-to guru for online game at Stylelife. He studied and tested things for years, and his forum at Bravopua.com is his release of most of his best stuff, version 2.0, and he is still testing things. Those tests are being posted on the forum for their effectiveness. However the video teaching how to best build an online dating presence is gold and part of the program.
He was asked by Style to become the resident online game expert while they were teaching together.

It’s nice to have this method even stronger for me to increase my chances of finding “The one” in a sea of lonely women.

I highly recommend this site if you want a method to increase your stock in women. A profile that is well written will get women asking for you, without having to peacock, go to a club, open etc. The work is done for you if you did proper work on your profile, and Bravo keeps it real and gives you examples of what you could do.

Those of you project hollywooders, he is doing it in similar fashion. Taking the lead in the discussion, but allowing others to shine as well and getting info from his students on what techniques have worked and what hasn’t. It is a living program that won’t stop with his first few forum posts and will be added to just by experimenting and time. Go to http://bravopua.com to check his products out. Current price for lifelong access to the forum is 169.96