My new site, is dedicated to that holy grail of bedroom and phone sex techniques. The “Thinkoff” as David Shade puts it. I first learned how to use hypnotic and NLP Language 3 years ago, and was a devoted user and applicator of David Shade’s orgasm techniques using the mind. Over the years I have perfected this technique, and am glad to say I will be starting a website just dedicated to this. Ross Jeffries has also taught me many skills in signal recognition that allow me to do this.

Well my biggest excitement is my ability to bring you David Shade and Mark Cunningham’s newest project. A DVD set of hours of instruction showing you how to do this for your woman. Imagine being armed with this underground tactic of all tactics. So powerful is this orgasm technique that I had to post about choosing the right woman before posting this. The last thing you need to do is use these technique on an undesirable woman, then having her bang on your door at 3am at night when you are with a better woman because she can’t get you off of her mind because of the no touch orgasm.

The connection for the launch this product is
You can actually go to the site now and read the copy of the sales page for the seminar itself. It was close to 1500 or more dollars to participate, and one of my wingmen Dionysus was sadly upset to be on the waiting list for the program after only 3 days of being up and sold out. Here’s why it sold out. Women were among the most eager clients to be there to teach their men the technique!

So go to No Touch Orgasm website and see what I have in store, or go directly to the sale page at to see what is coming on NOVEMBER 9th 2010!