If you’ve ever seen his youtubes, you’ll know SOUL is one of the masters of daygame. It’s a shame more guys don’t hone their daygame styles because it’s where you find more variety of beautiful women and they aren’t all club girls (whom I love) who end up being a lot of the same type of woman many times. Soul is coming out with a product very soon on day game in the next few days and this is the link to get it from (CLICK HERE)

Here’s one of his recommended drills he advises to get you better during the day. Don’t forget my mantra. If one of these opens hooks and you like the woman, ask her out! Don’t just open and go on. Go with the flow.

Here’s a few tasks to ease you into it if you’re having trouble. These tasks are progressively harder, but will demonstrate to you that people are a lot friendlier and pleasant in the daytime than you might expect. Rather than complicate it with group sets at this point, start off with women who are by themselves.

  1. Ask 5 beautiful women, “Excuse me, do you know what the time is?”
  2. Ask 5 beautiful women, “Excuse me, do you know where the nearest coffee shop is?
  3. Ask 5 beautiful women, “Excuse me, do you know where the nearest men’s fashion store is? [She replies]. Oh thanks, I’m trying to get some new shirts. You’re very well dressed, do you have any tips for me?”
  4. Tell 5 beautiful women, “Excuse, I just saw you walking past and I thought you were really cute, I had to stop and say hello. How are you?”

After you’ve completed these tasks, you are ready to move onto standard transitioning and attraction building etc.

Here’s a youtube of soul in action so you can see just how good he is and how his over 200 pages will likely be one to keep.