A student this weekend noticed that I use a lot of movies as NLP metaphors to teach game. He asked me to put up a list of what to watch as he missed many of them in the past. Here is my list of movies that I use to teach game.

The Last Dragon: We must all realize that we are already the master, and we don’t need to seek out new game or masters. we are the masters.

Bridges of Madison County: Clint Eastwood is “The guy who doesn’t count”

Disney: Despite social programming, all women want to be natural women choosing the partners they want for themselves. Mermaids want to have sex with humans despite their dad warning them they’ll become sea foam

The Matrix: There is a matrix of pickup that is false. Once you learn from me you see the true matrix. It goes deeper than just learning iois and iods.

Avatar: Hunter gather life, women and men were hunters, Congruence (imitating a blue alien/alpha guy vs becoming one at the end)

Top Gun: the lexicon movie (The movie where all the terms of pick up came from). Never leave your wingman

Hugh Grant Movies: Look for the serendipitous moment where suddenly he looks the girl in the eye when dropping papers and falls in love. What every girl wants. Why every romance novel has this moment. Every chick flick has this serendipitous moment. A master of game creates those moments all the time.

The Secret: the basics of NLP remodeling of limiting beliefs. Spiritual, but basically a dvd that NLP’s out limiting beliefs.

The Sure Thing: Why gaming hot girls is at times empty vs making strong connections with women that allow win win win situations

Hot Tub Time Machine: You can retool your life and become Motley crue once you realize your foundational core problems.

The Pursuit of Happyness: No matter how bad things get, there is a way to get ahead again. Humans have a large reserve for coming up from rock bottom

Groove: The story of the rave culture and why people did it. General dialogue and chat that happens at parties to demo club chat. But at the end is the kicker. Why some people do what they do. The nod. It’s why I teach game. The nod at the end of the night. One of the good reasons to do things. Fits Johnny sopporno’s “Do good things for people” mantra.

Sex Drive: A movie about why oneitis is sometimes bad because it links you to bad women. But the real reason it’s a watch is it is obviously written by guys in game. Lots of funny game discussion in the movie.

Magnolia. The movie sucked. But watch Tom Cruise imitate Ross Jeffries and laugh your ass off. Exposes the problems with gurus who have to keep up an image when they are telling everyone else to be themselves Where they aren’t doing the same.

What do you have to add to the list?

Addendum: Roadhouse: Patrick Swayze shows seduction transition in a great scene, how women love mystery and depth in a guy. (BOuncer. Harvard educated)

Airplane: Brad P’s absurdify taken to the extreme. How to funnily misinterpret people.