Above is the links to my best lecture (In my honest opinion) Because it is the newest, freshest thing out there in pick up, again IMHO. And it works instantly to improve your game.

It is with great pride that I present to you the lecture I did at the September 2010 PUA World Summit, Photoreading for PUA’s! Photograph forensics was my baby and idea that I have cultivated over the last 2 years with my students and time and again this skill has proven to be gold in field. Imagine being in field and in an instant having information that tells you exactly where you are at in a sarge, just from the usual photographs that are taken at events with photographers, cellphones, or your own digital camera. You could see yourself in the picture, analyze it immediately and knowing exactly what you have to do to complete your sarge.

Are you lost when you are infield? Do you still find it hard to know when women are attracted to you and when they aren’t? Do you have terrible wingmen that don’t tell you when they see women giving you attention, proximity, and ioi’s? Have you learned later in the evening or days later that a woman you had sarged was totally into you and you missed the signals? Do you see absolutely NOTHING in your photographs to give you a clue what to do next when talking or interacting with women?

The photoreading routine can change all that and will take only a brief moment to teach you.

I have taught this ability to all of my students in bootcamps and at our famous reunions… and the results have been golden for me and them. The guys have seen and found women that find them attractive without having to guess or search for ioi’s. They immediately see the subconscious communications the women are giving that state whether they are attracted or not, and how much attraction they feel. And it’s all right in front of them in these photographs.

Let me give you an example. One of my students at a bootcamp showed me his facebook photos, which is one of my bootcamp exercises. Using photograph forensics, we identified SEVENTY FIVE women who were showing him deep attraction… and he just didn’t know it. I told him to pick one of the women he liked. He did. The 3rd day of the bootcamp instead of sarging at a club like most bootcamps, he invited her out and took her to an event. I coached him through his cellphone, and he had sex with her 4 days later after a long dry spell. They are still in a long-term relationship.

In this lecture I will show you how my students and I have been using photographs to better our games exponentially. But be forewarned. You may not WANT TO SEE THIS LECTURE. Because it is another level of the matrix. Once you see this lecture you will NEVER look at a photograph the same again and you will have knowledge not many people in this world have. You will find it hard, really hard, to look at a photograph the way you used to. Imagine having the knowledge and information you need to complete a sarge to the close instantaneously, without the need for recording devices or video camera, a guru, nor a wingman. All you need is your eyes, your observation, and the tools I give you in this lecture.

Find out why this was the ONLY lecture that the audience requested be repeated during the PUA World Summit, 2010 for reason of content. AND IT WILL NOT BE IN THE EVENT’s DVD’s!

Click here to see the lecture. The fee of 15 dollars is to offset the cost of camtasia studio, which I needed to get to make the lecture for you. If I make a profit, a portion of the proceeds goes to the domestic violence shelter whose CEO taught me the basics of photoreading for domestic violence. Thanks and I hope you enjoy and benefit from this skill as much as I have.

Go to this link to start right away. http://www.udemy.com/photograph-forensics-reading-photographs-for-infield-mastery-for-the-pickup-artist-social-artist/