Many times a paid instructor will put citations to magazines and articles stating “As seen in” GQ, Playboy, Cosmo, New York Times, etc. on their webpage, but those links will not lead to the actual article. Here at I will only give links to actual articles that contain me or a mention of me, or the web stories that do so.

In December 2009 I appeared in a story on pickup by Tanya de Grunwald, a beautiful writer who came from England to cover the PUA World Summit in Hollywood 9/2010. She was mostly there to do a story on the gurus. That was until she met me. If you want to see the actual stories, here are links to the jpegs of the story. They are large files to keep the clarity but I want you to be able to see the article.

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As you can see in the article I am prominently featured in the article. Also you can see I was one of the few guys to get the doggy dinner bowl look from her in the photoshoot. A picture is worth a thousand words, and her deep rapport with me progressed to a hand massage that led to a minor orgasm sensation. Tanya wasn’t aware of what she was in for. Let me give you the story about how I got in on the story whereas the gurus were chasing her the entire time to get their time with her…


On the evening of the first day of the summit, Ross Jeffries had agreed to meet with me and Cliff, one of my pua colleagues for dinner and taught us in field for a few hours. It was amazing seeing the hot wannabe-actresses/waitresses succumbing to his speed-seduction charm. If you weren’t paying attention to his vibe and technique you would have missed it, it truly was under the radar. He had at least 5 of the waitresses vying for him at one time. But I digress.  After Dinner and our infield lesson from Ross, Cliff and I returned to the PUA summit late in the middle of Mehow’s infield video presentation.

As we walked in I observed, sitting there in the back of the world PUA summit, was a blonde woman that I hadn’t seen before through the entire day.
She was dressed in a frou-frou flowery dress, with a sky-blue pen writing in a frou-frou blue notebook in sky blue ink. Seeing nobody interacting with her or even sitting near her as the lecture was going on I sat one chair apart from her to her right. She didn’t look like the typical scantily-clad, hired-model-looking woman that comes to these things so I observed. She is
dressed fashionably and is quirky cute. My type of gal. I was truly curious.

So I open with a slight kino tap to her shoulder and brush down “accidentally” and open over the shoulder.

Me: You don’t look like the typical type of girl that comes to these things. So I’m curious and not trying to pick you up. But what brings you to the World Pickup Summit. (Curiosity being used, but hiding the fact that I am doing a minor cold read.)

She holds up a manila folder. It has “Cosmo” stamped on the side.

HBblonde: I’m a journalist. So I don’t fit in you say.
(She’s smiling and talking in a lovely British accent. Sexy. I feel the strings in my heart tug.)

Mind you the lecture is going on. But we were in our own bubble just like two schoolkids in the back of the room passing notes when we should be listening.

I smile and laugh at how I was able to read the miscalibration of her being there.

Me: You write your stories in Frou-Frou blue ink? That’s really cute.
The banter continues.
Me: So you are doing a story on the PUA world summit? really? (As if it should
really be no big deal). This boring stuff? It’s basically a geek convention where we talk about the newest technology in picking up women. You’ll be bored off your ass.
HB: Yes well it really hasn’t hit big in England but it is getting there.
Me: Yeah this stuff saved my life. (Her interest is piqued as I give her just enough to think my story is worth listening to).
HB: What’s your story? How did you get into it?

Sensing the reporter in her coming out, I play the interviewee role.
Me: (I give her a short version of my grounding sequence. Divorce. Devastated. 2 kids. My relationship needs. Needed something to get social. She scribbles in her blue pad totally ignoring Mehow’s lecture now.)
HB: Wow. I need THAT for my story. Can I interview you tomorrow? Would you mind?
Me: I wouldn’t mind at all. It’s somewhat risky as this will expose me but it’s worth it.
Her: How do I contact you? You got a cell phone?
Me: Yeah I do but that’s so informal. Just come back here tomorrow I’ll be here. You search for me. (Setting her to chase)
Her: I’d usually do it now but I am so jet-lagged from flying from England.

Just then the lecture is over and Johnny Wolf is on stage and tells us to stand up to get in state. He
says some Bruce Lee aviator sunglasses song gets him in state before he goes out. It starts, and
the guy who raps the song comes out on stage and raps the song for real. I don’t
want Bruce Lee Aviators. That is in the douchebag bin in my house with my Elvis
Gold Sunglasses and Ed Fardy shirts.

The day ends and she packs up to leave and I look behind me. Raising my eyebrows at Cliff he shows he saw the interaction. In a room full of the world’s best, Techno is the one PUA who has opened the beautiful Cosmo reporter. As she leaves NOT ONE PUA talks to her. A room full of 200 of the world’s best and nobody talks to her except me, even when the lectures are done. Nobody showing her any attention and not knowing who she is.
The second day of the summit comes around and the situation is different. Apparently one of the guru teachers found out she was from Cosmo UK, and each guru and their teachers are chasing her around, almost like she is being hounded.  I leave her be because she is being bothered since it’s obvious the gurus REALLY want to get in the magazine article she is writing so they can post it on their website walls. All except Hypnotica are doing this. In fact one of my colleagues was telling me, “Yeah, she’s going to interview me. This guru (His instructor) Said she’s going to get me an interview.” (She never did, or at least he didn’t show up in the article).

So after a tantric breathing and meditative exercise with a master, muscular instructor (a woman who likely had pelvic muscles that could rip your dick off during sex because she was a tantra master), and a dual-induction hypnosis session with Hypnotica and Vince Kelvin, the journalist chases me down. Imagine her being chased by all these guys trying to get in the story, and she sees me from across the room and goes “TECHNO! I’ve been looking ALL OVER for you! You ready for that interview you promised me?”

Now imagine the looks on all these PUA’s faces as she leaves them all behind to run ACROSS THE ROOM over to me to get away from them. They all had looks like, “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY?” since I wasn’t on the PUA summit roster to speak. (You guys just met Technoslaughter and what he can do!)

HBreporter: Care to do the interview now?

Me: Sure let’s go here (Leading)

I walk her down the hallway and get to two secluded chairs so we can bounce appropriately. I sit down and lean back and spread my arms and legs out wide open in a natural alpha pose; she automatically leans in.

She interviews me about how I got into game and How I got good. Mind of Mystery DVD set plugged as my first and best investment. I give her my full grounding sequence about my divorce and being devastated and how pickup training saved
mine and a lot of other men’s lives.
My story has a lot of dhv’s as she asked where pickup took me.
I took her instead.

Me: Imagine you and a guy go to Hawaii, you both meet up there and you know why you are going: to have a romantic adventure. You set up such a romantic time that you end up making love on the top of a live volcano feeling the heat from the heat vents coming up as you have sex on top of an actual bubbling crater. You and him in the moment with all that power of mother earth embracing you two and bringing not just your bodies but your souls together. THAT WAS THE BEST THING social arts has brought me so far. And despite my being well-off financially, WE WENT DUTCH for most of it. I didn’t pay one thing for her! That’s great and never been the case for a guy like me! She paid for the hotel and the helicopter ride over the active volcano later in the day. It was such a pure organic lovemaking experience with a top woman. You can’t write that any better in a romance novel.

She got her breath. Then we transitioned.

Her: How old are you
Me 39
Her: Wow. You certainly don’t look 39. I’m sure you get that a lot.
Me: I work hard to maintain my look but I’m not obsessed by it. I let gray hairs grow.

After 30 min we are done and she gets me to sign a photogs release.

Her: I want to find you later so we can have a photoshoot with the photographer. We have GOT to get you in the pics.
Me: OK. But has anyone else talked to you like I have so far, out of curiosity?
Her: Sadly, no. You know a girl could get a complex in a place like this. The PUA World Summit and only one guy, you, has approached me. Girls aren’t THAT complicated you know.
Me: You are here, at the PUA world summit, and only one guy has talked to you or even acknowledged you?
Her: Well aside from the instructors who are trying to get in on the story, only you.
Me: I apologize. Only one at a PUA summit. That’s just wrong. Don’t take anything personally. You just see how much help these guys need. And these are some of the best!

Later I go out to lunch to meet up with a high school buddy who I hadn’t seen in 20 years. We shot the shit and I find out his husband acted in the movie GI joe. It was nice catching up with him.

Anyhow we go back to the hotel and I sit down at the seminar. I feel a tug on my arm.
HBreporter: “Come on I’ve been looking all over for you. I’ve been worried I wasn’t going to see you again.”
I notice she has now changed into a sleek, short-skirted cocktail dress that now makes her look like a cosmo writer in purple shiny dress as if at a social party. She looks like Carrie from Sex and the City now.

Me: What’s with the diva wardrobe change?
HBreporter: Oh to fit in with the photoshoot. I know it’s ridiculous right? And my corporate card isn’t working and I’m having to pay for the hotel now. It’s just a bad day. Darn it I have to find him.

She goes off and comes back without the photog. She starts talking to the gurus she is interviewing and trying to coordinate them talking to her and their photos.

She comes back to me.
Me: Ok once again out of curiosity have any other PUAs here talked to you aside from interviews.
Her: You’re the only one.
Me: I truly apologize for these students of the game. That is just pathetic.
Her: Girls aren’t that complex you know.
Me: I know.
Her: Wait right here I’ll get the photographer for the photoshoot.
She returns without the photog.

Her Flustered: Don’t know where he is. Hard to get all these guys together.
Me: Has anyone shown you some of the techniques we have?
Her: No not at all.

Me: WHAT? You are here doing interviews and all and nobody has shown you what we can do?

Her: No.
Me: You want ME to?
Her: Yes please.
Me: Well you look stressed so give me your hand.
(Taking her through the yes ladder and compliance)
Move here. No there. Ok.

And I do this for her:
Ross Jeffries Hand Massage as taught to me by Joe D and RJ:

She is blushing. Feeling great. Eyes roll to the back of her head. A woman showed me a nuance of the massage just 2 weeks prior and she described the sensation from this technique will cause every woman to feel like you are pushing apart her legs when you use it. I teach guys how to do this at bootcamp.

In the midst of her feeling good, shit eating grin, throwing her head back, the photog comes in and starts taking photos. She naturally is feeling good and I’m posing faces of confidence for the camera as she squirms and writhes from the good sensations. Back and Forth fractionating between her and the photog. She’s loving it.

At that moment I look up. I’ve got an audience of 20 PUAs watching what I’m doing to her hand and how I’m making the reporter almost squeal. The IOIs are astounding and the energy penetrates the room. Photog says he got some good shots. I’m still massaging. But I break. Show’s over.

Me: You’ve got others to work with
Her: Oh yes.

Info is exchanged, and the rest is history: She portrays me in a great light and the other gurus could only wish to have the pictures she had with me. Look at her face in the pic with me! “Gobsmacked” is her description of her reaction to the “hottest, filthiest” hand massage she has ever had. I really look good in that article.

I later find out after my demo, she asked the other guru PUAs to demo their best techniques with women. (She obviously wanted more of what I gave her) and save for Hypnotica, you see in the sidebox of the article she is not getting what she expected haha. Read the article, look at the pics, and you’ll see it with your own eyes how I had her in a great gaze, and everyone else was just showing technique.

AFC Adam Lyons was nice enough to send the article to me and also told me she had a boyfriend. But she never mentioned him to me during our interaction. She mentions him in the article though.

THAT’s how you are featured in Cosmo. And that’s the type of exposure that SHOULD give you license to post that merit badge on your website 🙂

More RJ videos:

Energy Orb: the continuation of RJs interaction with his woman after hand massage.

Anchoring even more by showing her that she has an effect on him. VERY strong
anchoring and making her feel even more attracted because she sees her womanly
ways work too.

If you would like to learn these Ross Jeffries techniques in the way I did, and have total control over a woman’s feelings of ecstasy during brief interactions, click this link to go to his product site.