Welcome to the first post on Masterpickupartists.com! This site is run by Technoslaughter aka the best mPUA instructor that you haven’t heard of… yet. Techno has been in the PUA community since 2006 after a divorce left him lonely and at rock bottom as far as relationships. He had his epiphany when he saw The Pickup Artist TV show and joined Project Hollywood, Area 51 online Yahoo Group and gained notoriety as one of the leaders in the group not only posting his Field Reports from his beginnings as an Average Frustrated Chump to his realization that all of us are actually Average Frustrated Naturals™.

He gives kudos to Kosmo, Joe D (Joseph Doyle), Mystery, Matador, J Dog, Mighty Baron, Dozer, Neil Strauss, Mike Long, and Ross Jeffries as his direct influences in the game and has received direct instruction from most of them.  Technoslaughter  took his experiences to create a new training method with his wingman, Dionysus, known as the “Reunion.”  At reunions, we bring PUAs of all skills together, talk new theory and give advanced lectures, and most importantly go out in field to learn the techniques the other puas use in order to amp up success in the game.

With reunions we have made amazing discoveries and all have become hybrid puas: Ones who can mix and mingle any style and any concept into a conceptual framework of “the best self.”  The best-self pua is never a slave to any one method or theory. The best self has the ability to use all the schools of pick up to his advantage and does so in a loving, mature manner that is win-win-win for the PUA, their wingmen, and their ladies.

Welcome to the website and blog that will lead you to your goals in pickup faster than you ever thought imaginable. One of Techno’s students, Raguro, said yesterday, “Techno. You change lives.” This blog is aimed at doing that for you. If you were to imagine becoming a master pickup artist rapidly, you would read this blog and join in on the trainings and see for yourself the value we provide in helping you reach your goals. Stay tuned to this blog.  We will provide links to products we endorse and to instructors we feel provide value. Most importantly we will notify you of upcoming bootcamps. The next bootcamp will be July 30, 31, and Aug 1, Raleigh, NC. Email technoslaughter at technoslaughter@positiveenergylifestyles.com to ask when the next training will occur.

Look, I don’t know where you’ve been or where you are in your training, but there’s a good chance I’ve been there. If your current pick up training is not getting you to where you truly want to be, maybe we owe it to ourselves to talk. Once you have been with the rest, Technoslaughter is the best to get you to the next levels and beyond, using his combined knowledge.