I get the Pick Up Artist Final Medallion

On August 2, 2010 Alvaro Orlando, AKA “Kosmo” from the first season of “The Pickup Artist” on VH1 had a role in the TV show “Lie to Me.” (Click here to watch). Once several dating gurus saw this they jumped at the chance to point out he was a professional actor. Since he was an actor now on a legitimate television show, the legitimacy of his role and of the entire TV show “The Pickup Artist” on VH1 was compromised according to these gurus. One of my students recently asked me to give my take on this as he stated one of his Lovesystems instructors told him that Kosmo was a fraud because he was an actor. As one of his past students and colleagues, my opinion is his recent success in TV and movies, and getting these roles, is proof that his social artistry is top notch alone.

Let me explain. When pick up artists who were learning the game saw the TV show, they were under the correct understanding that the guys on the show were legitimately bad with women. However it came out that Kosmo, Brady, Joe D, and several others had been aspiring actors before getting on the show, and that they weren’t medical equipment salesmen or whatever other bylines VH1 gave them on their homepage. But let’s face it. Actors audition for reality shows. The main focus of reality shows is entertainment. Whether they were actors or not didn’t really matter if the end product was entertainment, and actors are the few people who can take several weeks off from regular day jobs to get on a TV show. They had to audition for this reality show as well. Actors do really well in auditions.

I will never forget doing “reunion” training with Joseph Doyle in my home base of Raleigh, NC. Joe gave the entire story of how he got his role on “The Pick Up Artist” on VH1. At the time he was living in his parent’s basement. He had just read “The Secret” and was learning about law of attraction. He told himself over and over, “I am exactly the guy they are looking for.” When he walked in the audition room, his experience living with his parents and his social awkwardness with women, in addition to being obese, made him the ideal guy for a role on the show. Because of his mindset and frame he walked into the room as if he was auditioning them and it worked. For the first time, his social awkwardness was a PLUS in his life. He states none of the scenes in the clubs were scripted and those were all real interactions. At this point Joe is a top notch instructor. People who have only seen him on television, and made a rash judgment about his instructing abilities, are missing out on a truly great instructor. Many of my colleagues who came to the reunion came out with a newfound love of Social Artistry and improv after meeting Joe D. Joe currently works at Universal Studios and the Jon Lovitz Comedy club as one of the MC’s and is writing scripts.

Next is Kosmo. Some people say he did not legitimately win “The Pick Up Artist” and that the show was a fraud since he was an actor cast in the role. Once again, actors try out for reality TV all the time. They felt he was socially awkward enough. After boot camping with Kosmo, I can tell you he is the real deal. His approach anxiety stories and stories from the show are real and sincere. He’s been there stuck against the wall holding the drink against his chest just like the rest of them. That scene from the show was real and not staged. He had severe approach anxiety. I boot camped with Kosmo 3 times… because he is one of the best instructors ever.

Look at it this way. After “The Pick Up Artist,” he literally spent nearly every day with Mystery, Matador, and Lovedrop from Venusian Arts. He has been hanging with Neil Strauss. He imparts a humorous story of how he and Ross Jeffries crossed paths for the first time, and how Ross used NLP by snapping his fingers and getting Kosmo to flip his lid just with that gesture. He has been hanging out with top gurus in the game who are also top teachers. Most importantly, he won “The Pick Up Artist” by being the best instructor in the last show. His ability as a PUA had always been judged, from the beginning, on if he could teach. He didn’t just go and become an actor. He has been teaching boot camps with Mystery and for himself for pure love of what the game has given him. In addition he has been using game to make the most of his stardom to move up the acting ladder by using his newly developed social skills. Bottom line: from the very beginning he was taught to be a teacher, and most gurus aren’t built that way.

I did most of my training in field with my wingman, Baron, in North Carolina. However Baron and I got to a point where he couldn’t help me. I was attracting the women in the clubs extremely well, but was only able to get phone numbers. I regularly got a woman’s number, but rarely got kisses and few sexual encounters at first. I did my first boot camp with Kosmo in NYC to see what he could offer and the rest is history. He diagnosed my problem in 2 hours. After watching me in field, he said, “You aren’t making your statement of intent. You aren’t telling the girls you meet that you like them! If you don’t, they won’t know and will think you are attractive but not interested in them, so they make excuses to protect their egos from being hurt when you don’t pursue them.” After all these years of hearing about negs and disqualification (Not looking like a suitor) instead of going the next step, I kept up the disqualification and that alone got in the way of many more women in my sexual life. So the next woman I met I used the statement of intent and got kissed and closed. That is pretty good instruction. He surgically pinpointed my sticking point and eliminated it. Not bad for an actor.

You would be foolish to discount Kosmo’s ability and skill just because he is an actor. In fact you would be foolish to ignore his skill because it has been honed with the best into the best. And you would be foolish not to use his contacts with actresses if you do hang out with him. Being an actor doesn’t automatically make you good with women either. Just see Mel Gibson and his severe one-itis as he threatens his woman to stay with him due to his fear of loneliness and loss. Just because you are an actor doesn’t mean you have game.

If you aren’t satisfied with your current pick up training and would like to get the master pick up artist training like I received from Kosmo, Ross Jeffries, and many other gurus schedule a bootcamp with me or one on one training at the links above.