Magic Bullets Purchase Link

Why am I posting about this old school book of pickup? Because it’s the best one to begin with, pure and simple. It’s the one my wingman Baron used when he learned, and the one he used to teach me. I did read “The Game” and “The Mystery Method.” But this book perfected the systems they talked about. “The Mystery Method” is too brief to have any good meaningful examples. “The Game” is full of examples with little explanation. “Rules of the Game” is a good book to have too but is more coaching exercises than full out explanations.

The link above is the connection to a lifetime membership to updates and upgrades to the original as they come out as well. The book has sections on phone and text game, online game, as well as all the basics of the basics of seduction. In fact it boggles my mind how many “texting” gurus are out there when Magic Bullets gave the best advice many years ago.

If you have not read or do not have this in your collection, it is imperative to add it because it truly allows you to start from a well-balanced perspective. The theory is there, with ample examples. A well-balanced presentation of the foundations of game defines Magic Bullets. Once you read and do what’s in there, come to me for training to get this stuff solidified.

The link above also comes with a tremendous amount of free bonuses. Check them out.