Well me and the boys flew in last night to start the weekend right. After 5 hours of delay I ended up landing the same time as my students who took a direct flight and missed out on a table at the Roosevelt Hotel’s notorious Beacher’s Madhouse. You’ve got to see the website to believe what they do there. I was pissed because that place is booked solid though August. Anyhow I went straight to the Edison Downtown. This bar used to be a flooded-out power plant and is an amazing venue. Old silent movies play on the walls, lots of locations, a room with an organ.  My student brought me there because it was game heavy… lots of PUAs trying their techniques. Most of the women knew it too. But I was there to observe. LA is different than North Carolina: More men than women so women are hit on A LOT. This one group of women I saw get hit on at least 15 times in one hour.

The venue was full of the typical puas in various training. At least 10 guys walking back and forth looking for the next set to open (Thus losing value). Several coaches and students talking strategy: but right within earshot of the women who seemed to be listening in and in on the whole thing. The AMOG-style trained guys making fun of everyone (One just walks by and points at one of my students up and down, so I point back and he gets all enraged and stomps away. I thought amog training is about being less reactive? HA HA). Everyone had peacocked spiked hair. But what made me happy was one thing. The respect one of my students got. It’s obvious many of the PUAs have watched him game there in the past and seen his successes. Success he didn’t have until he flew in to North Carolina to learn game my way.  He had many of the puas saying hi to him genuinely and in friendly manner and one even went on to compliment him on his game to me when my student was talking to women.

In the venue were the usual guys doing the usual techniques, some having success, many having failed a few times sitting on the walls without a wingman to get them pepped up and back in the game. I saw 2 kiss closes on the evening: with drunk girls LOL.

Well we had opened several sets, including one with famed porn star Faye Reagan and my student had gotten pictures and a kiss from her. It was going well, people liked us because we were there to have a good time and be genuine, not technique heavy like many (not all) in the venue seemed to be. We saw a group of beautiful women sitting in the corner. My student opened followed by my other student and they wave me in. Natural. No counting to 90 seconds and all that. It was the 21st birthday of one of the ladies. At the request of a student I demo’d no-touch orgasm technique and had a great response from one of the ladies that made all the ladies curious and more open to investigating more about us. That was when the entire venue seemed open to us… more of the opens occurred with no problem and less resistance as usual once you have social proof.

I was introduced to several of the PUAs there. Some trained by ABC’s of Attraction, some from Stylelife. Some Casanova’s Crew, several Love Systems students. Really good guys deep down inside. The one thing that bothered me with several of these guys was this. When introduced to me, a few of them could not say “hi” in usual customary fashion to me. It’s as if they were suspicious of me and couldn’t say hi like in normal introductions! One said hi and immediately turned off to game some more, another shook my hand and when I asked how his night was going turned to his wing to talk after quite clearly hearing me, another was early in game and just garnering his voice so I couldn’t blame him for that. But with all those thousands of dollars of training, can’t someone just say, “Hi, nice to meet you, how was your flight, what do you think of this place, what do you do for a living,” and all the other usual related social banter and interaction that usually happens upon first being introduced to someone?  It was just odd that for all this training, you can’t say “hi” normally when introduced by a friend.  If you are taking the social arts seriously, learn to say “hi” when introduced and show some interest in the person at first when a friend introduces you. It’s basic, and prevents you from looking rude and having to climb the social ladder from a harder standpoint. Most importantly, it shows you have enough interest in this person because he or she has been introduced by one of your acquaintances, who you show some respect to for making an introduction.  Obviously they are making the introduction because quite possibly this is a person you would want to know.  At the end of the evening some of these guys came up to me more interested to talk to me as my social value went up when they saw I actually had game, but that should have been the enthusiasm upon introduction, especially when I was showing them interest in meeting them at first.  One gentleman did very well: We got into conversation about his career and him moving from South Carolina. He had two ladies waiting to talk to him and that increased their interest that he did well with them afterward.

One proud moment was my student had opened a mixed set. The gentleman of the set tried to amog him by having him take a picture of him with his 3 women. Spontaneously the student takes a picture of himself first for an LOL moment and then he obliged and took the picture as any normal person would do.  Student picked his desired woman and talked to her for a while. I winged by buying him a drink while he was in set to show he has friends. He reopened her 3-4 times and she number closed him despite the other AMOG styled gentleman doing his best to block him even to the point of fake laughing out loud to the women to try to get their attention while my student, genuinely interested, kept his focus on the woman he was interested in.  It was a proud moment to see him do well and move with confidence as well as ease, without worrying about the game.  We were there enjoying life as we all should be, and enjoying the people around us whether they were in the game or not. Started out with acceptance and curiousity of all the people but using playfulness to set them at ease, and that got us further as the evening progressed, and is why my student is rocking the venue.

Tonight: Playboy Mansion Party.