Last evening I was out with some colleagues from the local Project North Carolinawood facebook group, a group of North Carolina-based PUAs looking to improve. We hate the term “Lair”. It just sounds all icky and sweat-soaked and just so… sleazy. Anyhow we had gone out to this venue known for college coeds and I demo’d what could be done with erotic hypnosis in field. I think I saw 4 PUA’s jaws drop together as well as the jaw of several guys, not in game, drop as well. I became center of attention at one point, women just surrounding me wanting to know what I did to their friend and if they could experience it too. Erotic Hypnosis is no joke, and I am here to warn you that YOU MUST BE SELECTIVE with who you use it on. Because in the long run, it can lead to a stalker in your life, a fatal attraction, a bunny in the boiling pot. You know what I mean. It is THAT powerful. I only used 1/1000th of it in field last night and the men saw what was possible in game and in the bedroom, and the women realized their ex boyfriends didn’t ever really take them to the orgasmic heights that are possible in this world.  The No-Touch Orgasm was amazing for her.  Learn it by taking David Shade’s Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis course HERE: This is your last opportunity and my last post regarding the product. It’s not for everyone. Only the sexy people.