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My friend, David Shade, is the world’s most respected expert
on giving women wild screaming orgasms.

And his friend, Brad P, is helping out with some killer info and insider stuff that will blow you away.

They recently recorded a two hour interview in which they
revealed the secrets of sexual escalation.

Of all the people in the world, these two guys know how
to do sexual escalation!

Sexual escalation is the process of moving a woman from
a neutral state to having sex. There is no avoiding that.
It has to be done. Period.

So if you hope to get some, you better learn how to do
sexual escalation! And these guys are the ones to teach it.

They shared all the things they do to escalate women.
They revealed strategies, tactics, techniques, and their
overall philosophy of how to arouse women.

This is amazing stuff. Purely amazing.

In this interview, you will discover:

Ways to turn a woman on
How to leverage female thought process as part of the arousal
The importance of dominance and its various forms
Why you must avoid neediness, and what to do to avoid it
How obligation kills arousal and how to avoid it
How her feelings of inadequacy kills arousal and how to avoid it
Why guilt kills arousal and how to avoid it
How to avoid her feeling responsible
The specific process to create horny feelings in her
How to leverage her innate programming to arouse her
How to get her motor started and keep her motor running
The “out of nowhere” style of sexual escalation
The various M.O.’s that women use before having sex
How to leverage hedonism among young women
How to increase her state and turn it sexual
When you must avoid barter, and when you can leverage it
How to give her a reason to have sex when she needs a reason
Playful role-plays in which she can be sexual
Why you must avoid covert contract in all situations
Why women need permission from you to be sexual, and how to do it
The “you want me” frame and how it gives her permission to be sexual
Playful frames to get her horny
How she can get slutty without her being perceived as a slut
The negative repercussions to avoid, and how to avoid them
Playful flirting scenarios to arouse her
Push-Pull escalation
Forms of teasing and how they turn her on
How wrestling is used to arouse her
Why you must avoid boredom, and how
The use of sexual innuendoes to turn her on
The misinterpretation method to escalate her
The importance of sexual tension, what it is, and how to create it
Linear and non-linear escalation
How to turn her on if she’s not in the mood
How to leverage that women are creatures of mood
The importance of “it just happened”
Her emotional subconscious processes and why logic is useless
How to say one thing and do another, and why it works
How to deal with the female conflicting drives and urges
The duality of the female mind, and how to use it to arouse her
Why men often make the mistake of creating a “sexual contract”
How sometimes you can actually leverage a “sexual contract”
How to leverage a “sexual contract” for booty calls and MLTRs
How to create a “challenge” to arouse her
How to use accusation to arouse her
The one thing that you absolute must never do in escalation

The complete interview spans two audio CDs, and on
Friday, June 1, 2012, the complete interview was
made available via download.

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