Click here to see his infield video and analysis.

I met James during the PUA world summit and he was one of those “New finds” with new technique and inner game workings that made an impression on everyone who saw him talk. He did some inner game work with the VIP’s on the 3rd day of the summit that I thought that was amazing to help quiet the body movements and center your balance. It was all about presence.

Here he does a pick up on a shy girl, and has some key points. 1. most puas in training would have ejected at the first sign of her discomfort as if the situation was not going well. He advises to push the interaction that one extra minute to show yourself how far you can really go.

He keeps pacing her reality and acknowledging her feelings she is demonstrating through her body language. Despite her shyness and discomfort, he shows empathy and then paces her to feeling comfortable with him… he gives her several chances to tell him to scram but she doesn’t.

It’s a very different style than the pua who keeps opening and opening and dhving and telling stories. Yes, he takes the lead but he is constantly calibrating and acknowledging her reactions. Great infield video. New stuff is always welcome.