Damn I post alot. Here’s about the cube.

You may think it’s overused. You may think it’s PUA-trash. Fine. But it is still money with some women who haven’t been bombarded by puas yet.

So many guys ask me how to do this basic value demo. The place I learned it is right here: http://www.bristollair.com/2008/outer-game/pua-routines/deeper-rapport/early-cube-post/

But they have enhanced the explanation further. You need to see me do it to truly appreciate what it can do.

At first I just read a girl’s cube. Then I anchored it. Then I NLP’d it to make it a SICK demo. And there are so many women that haven’t had it done. And if they have from another pua, I say, “Well I’m the best” and they always oblige and say I’m the best when I’m done. I’d have to show you

Here’s the enhanced explanation.