If you are like me, you have struggled with both the outer and inner game changes needed to become a PUA. I was lucky on my journey to find a hypnotherapist in game who hypnotized me and gave me instant changes to my inner game. When this happened I learned to eliminate approach anxiety completely for me and my students, and hoped I could impart the self-hypnosis skills to my students to allow them to continue this inner game change.

Now I have found a product that helps my students even further: Mind Master computerized subliminal programs. I have used this product for a few clients recently and seen some great results. It was developed with the research of one of my professors in grad school and has helped people with issues with weight loss, smoking, game, approach anxiety, confidence, money making. It is a great adjunct for those of you using the secret, or to help embed the beliefs from Ross Jeffries’s latest teachings or your own mantras for life that you just haven’t convinced your subconscious to accept.

I don’t know where you are in your inner game training, but if you are like many budding pua’s you need every tool in the tool chest to get the subconscious involved in the process of major life change and confidence building. You can watch FREE videos on the process and just how it works on the insights page right here

So if you have been frustrated with slow inner game change, check out MindMaster and have your subconscious become your biggest asset in improving your game.

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