Destin Gerek, the Erotic Rockstar at who I met at the 2010 Pua World Summit, had posted on facebook this article:  Destin is very aware of the energies of sexuality for men and women, and truly is a rockstar in the sex education field for men and women.  Unlike many PUA gurus out there, he actually has sex with women LOL. It was hilarious sitting on the New Blood Panel with him and seeing him shake his head “no” as a guru from California explained his poor technique at Cunnilingus (Even the said guru thought it was good). You can see Destin Shaking his head and laughing in the PUA World Summit DVD’s and it is a riot to watch.  There is a big difference between a guru who actually is an expert in sexual technique vs a guru who talks about getting lots of women, then struggles when discussing the sexual techniques he uses. So when it comes to male sexuality, Destin has been a great resource of information for me to impart to my students and I highly recommend his programs, especially if you have a need for resolution of issues with sexuality with women and it gets in the way of your game.

This article explains how porn addiction is possible and how, even if not addicted, it can affect your desires for sex and women.  More importantly it gives you an idea why pornography can actually dull your desires in field and your frame of sarging.  The graphs on stamina related to monogamy vs the constant search for different partners is stunning enough. Highly suggested reading despite the in depth coverage.  My recommendation to students is to avoid porn when learning game to allow their desires to amp up in field and make them more sexual. Their sexual energy changes the less porn they watch.  My concern is some PUA products are using porn stars now and despite being education, have a pornographic aspect as they teach sexual techniques. Unfortunately such videos can start the whole cycle and addictive aspects to porn.

So let this article be a caveat to what you could be doing to your sexual energy if you still watch pornography regularly.