Highlights from the PUA World Summit

This year was especially special. Not because of who was there or what was being taught but locale. The live-in system of pickup training has been picking up and making lots of money. Brad P and his in-home system, Mehow now has “the residential” filming for Real Life MTV, and now Vince Kelvin and Speer have (drumroll please) The ORIGINAL project Hollywood home on Londonderry street. Yes. The one in “The Game.” Dean Martin’s old house and the Rat Pack’s old hangout. Frank Sinatra played pool here with Sammy Davis Junior. The 20 yard climb up the steep hill. The closets converted into bedrooms. (Hollywood closets are HUGE so they can make bedrooms out of them. Not as cramped as you would imagine.)

The summit was being held in the house just days after Vince and Speer moved in. (They moved in Thursday, Hydro christened the house with the first lay per the report from my good friend Maven of Speermethod, and the summit was 2 days later starting Saturday 9/24/2011 through 9/26/2011. Talk about a hectic whirlwind conversion of the house).

One of our hosts, Vince Kelvin, has had one roller coaster ride this past year. He divorced his long time wife Amy and has been on tour nonstop since the last summit, making crazy video after video. This year’s summit was different. NO dvd’s being made. Just pure Teacher-to-crowd teaching. My forte. Vince still appears to be working his way through his journey. The buzz in the crowd was Ross Jeffries was finally, for the first time, reconciling somewhat with Vince and presenting at the world summit for the first time. Overall it seems Vince has a healing process he is undergoing, and Project Hollywood is the place for him to do it.

The first day began with a 1.5 hour delay, check in, then started with Adam Lyons. Adam brought his wife, talked about movie making, and most importantly talked about qualification. In converging theory he taught qualification from my similar standpoint. (I feel all gurus with the correct mindsets will have congruent teachings that all converge in similar fashion). He taught what I have always felt was important: Qualify a woman based on what you want, not what your guru, Mystery, or other method wants you to use. The questions used in A3 to qualify a woman should be pertinent to what you want in a woman. “A positive energy, a positive outlook, and a good personality” should only be used in qualification if that’s what you truly want. But if you don’t know what you want, you can’t qualify well at all. So think about what you want in women. “Can you do private pole dancing shows for your man, or be willing to learn?” Is one of my questions. 😉

He also spoke about breaking down goals into small, doable chunks. Preplan your night and you will usually follow through. “Number close 4 people, kiss close one.” “Get a same night.” “Find a potential girlfriend.” No matter the goal, you are more likely to attain it if you accomplish it in the small chunks it takes to get there.

Then we had a bevy of Australian puas that have had some impressive inner game stuff. James the Social Man had a great mantra/frame change. “I am a man, I have a dick, I am attractive to women.” Just having the two makes you attractive. No questions asked. Great frame change for a lot of the newbies in the audience.  Then he said, “It is a gentleman’s job to fuck a woman.” (He originally said try to fuck a woman but I personally never use the word “try.”). This is another good frame to get you sexualizing and taking the lead.

Alex Coulsin and Jesse Foster are another set of Australian puas who talked basic stuff. Good for the newbies but nothing new from the general PUA lexicon. One fun piece of advice is you can become Scottish nobility at www.highlandtitles.com and officially put “Lord Technoslaughter” as your title by buying small parcels of land for preservation in Scotland. 59 Bucks is the smallest amount LOL. It’s an official title (But holds not “Officiality” in the nobility rankings of Britain)

I had a great meeting with my business advisor, Joe Nicassio from http://rapidresultsmarketing.com . He’s been helping me with one of my websites so far and consulted with me one on one on some new ideas he had for me. He has already boosted my website traffic/sign ups with some video advice and having him face-to-face was quite valuable. I did a testimonial for him for his use. It’s all good karma.

Then I had lunch with JT Tran, Bravo PUA, Nick Quick/Adonis, Epik, my good friend and former student Naturalbadboy Masterseducer, and Elizabeth Everett, a healer and herbalist. The Lobster mozzarella tempura was orgasmic at Sukiyama. I ran game on the waitress and used speed seduction to anchor to her and demo’d to Naturalbadboy. Poor girl had strong anchors to Justin Bieber and Backstreet boys. Gotta use what you’re given LOL. Bravo bought the table some unfiltered sake’. Sipping sake’. I never had such smooth sake’ in my life. That guy knows how to pick sake’. We all talked about various personalities in game and had a great time reconnecting.

When I got back a shaman/yoga/healer James Hyman showed some very interesting healing techniques. He showed a hyperventilation sequence that causes you to go in a trance and “open a window” to another world.  It looked exactly like one of the crazy things one of the class clowns in my grade school would do in 4th grade. He would hyperventilate, and then suddenly hold his breath. He’d instantly go in a trance, fall to the bathroom floor, and start banging his head off the floor without knowing he was doing it. Then he’d come to after a few seconds of trance and disorientation with a big ass lump on his head. Well James Hyman did it to Vince Kelvin twice in front of the crowd and he looked in a trance and high and disoriented for a few seconds. This open door to the other shamanistic world looks kinda cool and has the potential to clear chakras and all that other new agey stuff. However not sure I’m ready to use that for my students because I don’t want them banging their heads off the floor and getting lumps.

Other presenters on the first day included Erika Awakening who did a group tapping session. The community is either for or against. I’m definitely for because I use it in my hypnosis to multiply its strength of effect. (In fact one of the gurus asked me to use my hypnosis/tapping system on him before he got on a plane to go back home and after pinching his fingers had the energy build in his body of the greatest PUA in the world). Even Bravo PUA tried tapping out but the jury is still wondering. However, as usual, a few guys in the audience had crying moments and releases of emotion. When you see this and feel this you know something is happening. I used my lecture to explain it.

Kezia Noble and her sister Hadassa and their assistant also presented. At the end of the day Hadassa was sitting on the steps of Project Hollywood. I was burned out from all the talks and she and I connected over how tiring the day was. For some reason I showed her my photoreading lecture on the ipad and we got to talking about some of my past jobs with other pua companies. She pulled her sister over and we had a powwow about some personalities in the game. Also how photoreading can show how a guy has or doesn’t have game. It was quite interesting how my reads correlated exactly to what they knew as the truth about some gurus they were acquainted with.

Saturday ended with me going out with 2 new students set up from one of my students Gudtimes and Naturalbadboy Masterseducer. One a monk of 12 years that eventually ended up being a cult, the other a man returning to game after an ended Long-term relationship. I gave them a run through of my planned talk for the next day and they were blown away and had lots of questions. This was a good sign for my talk planned for Sunday of the summit on the mainstage.  We did a group hypnosis session and they were feeling amazing. Off we went to Happy Endings to sarge the locals of Sunset Blvd.

Meeting us there was long time Project Hollywood Yahoo Group member Grammaton Cleric. We had never met in person but through the yahoo group had been good friends since 2007. I taught the bartender how to make the new shot the “Chocolate covered pretzel” and she was in love with our group from that moment forward. The newly hypnotized students were on fire, opening sets with no AA, getting phone numbers. At wreck-the-room time the former monk got a makeout. When my work was done I number closed 2 ladies and kiss closed both of these friends. It seemed both were ok with sharing me ha ha. They plan on making an NC visit real soon and are facebook friends now.

Stay Tuned to the blog for the next days’ events.