The first post alone from today was sent to me by google alerts under the search term “Master pickup artist” and this analysis and writing truly is masterful. Nice read.

He also goes on to talk about a recent NYC lair meetup, one that I had attended, and how pathetic it was with the poorly calibrated characters in the room. Looks like the chateau member had the same impression as me. Let’s get guys to be congruent, not concrappy.

KUDOS to this blog and I’ll be a regular reader from now on. Track back to you.

Got this one piece of gold from the site so far. “The braces neg”

Hey, didn’t you used to have braces?

Her: (caught off guard) no..

Me: Really?.. You look like someone who just had their braces removed recently.

Braces are a neg (My you look like you have crooked teeth) but the actual statement is you have post braces smile: Straight teeth. Helluva opener!