So last night 2 students came out free of charge since we were social not student-teacher (but I always teach of course) and my wingman’s band played. DHV from entering and knowing the band and their very hot girlfriends and groupies so social proof is always good for me and the students when we see wingman play.

Students tentative on opening. I opened the same sets later (Or rather I was opened by them) and had number and kiss closed to show how important presence, having goal direction and waypoints are. One student forgot what IOI’s were but he’s excused because he just got out of a long term relationship with someone who was in the movie “I know what you did last summer.”

I was dressed up in a non-social costume: Kung fu master from the 70’s. But despite this obstacle and the women not knowing what I looked like, it was great to see social proof and storytelling/banter/NLP works even if you look 112 years old.

My best gambit? People coming up to me and saying, “Oh wise confucious, what wisdom do you have?” My answer: “Take it up the ass!” Everyone loved it. Except for one who was offended. I kiss closed that one.

My usual advice for halloween. Have fun. Hang out with friends, and have fun with the women’s costumes. THEY ARE GIVING YOU THE OPENER just don’t be like everyone else.

Girl dressed up as Top Gun: You can be my wingman anytime
Girl dressed as Baby from Dirty Dancing: Nobody puts baby in the corner
Girl Dressed as Alice in Wonderland: Get ready to fall through the rabbit hole

My most favorite thing is guessing girl’s costumes wrong. I did it last night, not on purpose. Saw a girl in white collared shirt and messy hair. “Tom Cruise from Risky Business.” She Answered, “NO! I’m the Walk of Shame!”

Me: “Well at least you aren’t the Halloween Walk of Shame where you have clown makeup smeared all over the place including your genitals and have to walk home in a raggedy ann costume.” number.