Hey Guys,
If you have not heard about it by now the Guru Black Book is a program that helps you with your specific sticking points. Here’s the deal, you go through a questionnaire, (which is actually quite accurate) and it pinpoints your sticking points you are working on. Then you get segmented out to your sticking points and the answers of 28 of the top gurus out there (And soon to be more).

The premise: Not every guru’s answer is right for you. Some are players, some are true dating coaches, some are women, some are like me trying to teach you the top ways to get the top women in mind and body.

Check it out for yourself. You may see me as one of the gurus on the program giving my answers. But my only beef? THEY AREN’T STICKING POINTS. They are improvement opportunities. Calling them “Sticking points” only sticks them back to you! It’s bad NLP framing to call them sticking points.

Head here if you are interested in this program. I think it’s a great premise.

Guru Black Book