No matter what people say about women and women coaches, I am still of the school that they have the most to teach and the most direct advice… because without them your going out in field means nothing and you never learn to calibrate. Let’s face it. You need women to calibrate. (But some of you guys will never feel they have enough authority over men.)   Some of the simplest lessons are learned from them. For instance, the classic description of a woman’s anxiety in last minute resistance matching a man’s in approach anxiety had to only come from one source. Women.  So don’t fall into the trap of listening to guru talk that says women are terrible coaches and can’t teach pickup etc etc. A true PUA get’s his info from all sources that have validity to him as long as his frames aren’t making him listen to shitty advice about being an AFC.   I can remember back in college. I had been rejected by a woman for an asshole. Granted, I had the usual afc mindset that guys who got women were assholes and nice guys finish last. I went to my resident advisor for my floor. When I walked in his room there in his bed was a beautiful woman. Obviously he was the right person to talk to and was a natural. I asked that age-old question (That I didn’t know the answer to until my PUA training). “Why do women always go for the assholes.?”  He deferred to the girlfriend. And I remember her answer but did not really know what she meant until now. “You gotta be the tiger. RAWR (clawing into the air). You just gotta take the woman and take control. That’s not being the asshole. That’s being confident. Go back there and TAKE what’s YOURS.” It was good advice. But Transitioning that advice to action would take me another 22 years after my divorce when I finally discovered game.   So today I give more of that simple advice to you from a woman by way of one of my former bootcamp students. He was out with a friend and his girlfriend and they went to a stripper club where they made some great game analogies/metaphors.   “Got some great insight from a woman this past weekend.

I went to strip club with some friends and a friend’s girl. Some of the strippers were awesome, but one was just downright boring. I didn’t even want to look at her. She had no expression on her face and didn’t look like she was having fun. She just looked like she was going through the motions. Compared to the other fun, raunchy dancers, she was a real downer. 

Later in the car my friend’s girlfriend told us, “When guys don’t act confident, when they’re not having fun, when they’re afraid to show their emotional side, they look like that boring stripper.”

The lesson? Approaching women while being timid and introverted is about as incongruent as being a stripper that doesn’t want to be on stage. Don’t be a boring stripper.“

So today’s lesson: Don’t be a boring stripper. Now transitioning that into action: Focus on energy. Get your energy up. Figure out what gets you into state. And be in state when “gaming.” Have slightly higher energy than the sets you are opening so that your women are ready to buy. Nobody wants to give a dollar to a stripper that looks like she’s punching a clock. We all want them to be like Air Force Amy at the bunny ranch. Same with women. They don’t want creepy energy or incongruence. If you talk about jealous girlfriends but your energy shows no history of any girlfriends, you look like a boring stripper. If you talk gambits that you have never lived, you look like the boring stripper. If you have too much energy and kiss all these women in the midst of getting divorced,  it could be the same. More like an overenthusiastic, try-hard stripper just trying to make a buck.
So go out there. And if you see the women treating you like a bored stripper, check your energy first. make sure it is slightly higher than that of your targets.