P.D. was a weekend student. I met him as one of the acquaintances of my assistant, Viral. One We were watching some infield videos and he came over and all he could say was “No Way!” as he watched Mystery open sets hook and demonstrate IOI’s.

P.D. is an American Hero. Army. Returned from the Gulf only to find that his wife was having an affair. He was a traditional gamer. Nice guy. Offering to provide rides, gifts, and be at the beck and call of every woman he was interested in. Of course his results with women were terrible. He too had been brainwashed by the corporate media that women were attracted by men that gave everything to them without question. Most PUAs know this is not true and that a needy man who gives up everything to women he puts on pedestals only gets put in the friends zone or the nice-guy zone and frustrated that the diamonds/cars/homes/hero paradigm does nothing to attract a woman no matter how many ads on tv or movies or cartoons or chivalry novels say the opposite.

After seeing me and Viral and Koios in action, he saw there was a different way.

This weekend he invested in a bootcamp to finally turn things around so he would NEVER be placed in a position like he was in his divorce nor ever be placed in the friends zone again. In one weekend the results were astonishing. After my base lectures in an abbreviated format, watching some video with Viral, watching us in field, and sarging in field for 2 nights, he got multiple numbers and 1 full close and 1 woman texting him to plan a close. Friends zone no more.

In our first night I used my now-famous 1 hour hypnosis, NLP, EFT session to rid him of approach anxiety. After his first open he was smooth sailing and could not be contained. No hesitation to open any longer.

American Heroes deserve a fighting chance with beautiful women as well, and I am proud to be a part of his education and his growth. Kudos P.D.