On the Venusian Arts Forums there is a post about a bootcamp where I was an approach coach with Kosmo, the winner of VH1’s “The Pickup Artist” Season 1 who is now a Venusian Arts instructor and star of the film “Sidewayz, the Driveby Chronicles.” This guy got to train for several years straight, daily, with Matador and Mystery and in turn also got to hang out with Neil Strauss and the other greats in the industry.

The bootcamp was in NYC and we had 3 budding social artists with us, Rhythm, Xborn, and Timothythefox. Fox was nice enough to do a field report/testimonial on the VA website. Now when Fox got the K close in the high end nightclub in NYC, Kosmo taught me a picture gambit. When you see your wingman at a point where he can kiss close, you offer to take a picture, take it, then say, “You can do better than that!” “Better!” “Better!” egging them on to get closer and closer and next thing you know your wing can take advantage of closeness and comfort and kiss close during the picture. Best to do when you see the 3 ioi’s and if you see he can get the close but is missing the body language, or if he is looking for the next thing to do.

This was me training almost 3 years ago. Each student kiss closed. Great memories.

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