Went down to g-boro and started out at Hooters with my veteran wingman Salvino. Gamed our waitress to get warmed up for the festivities of the evening and I had her doing a million natural ioi’s a second (Yeah that’s an exaggeration) but she was severely attracted when we did our Wingman Dozer’s hooters opener.

In this opener you use shock and awe technique to throw her off her usual programming. When she asks for the drink order you take the menu, and tell her “That’s the best you can do? If I was a waitress HERE’s how I would push the drinks. ‘our specials today are … (he rattles off some tasty sounding girly drinks and ends with) So what’ll you have?”

The waitress’s head is in a tailspin because she is out of her element because she isn’t taking your order anymore, she has had the role flipped on her and my wing was asking for her drink order. It turns off the usual programming. “OK customers. Two guys. Great lets see how creepy they are. Ask what drinks they want. take order. Get drinks. Flirt a little for bigger tip. Get food order. Decide to talk to other guy who is more interesting and the food gets cold. Get food. Serve. Flirt a little for bigger tip. Ask if they want more drinks. Get them. Ask if they want dessert. Get bill if no, serve dessert if yes then get bill.”

When we shock and awe her, she can’t go down the usual paths. The pattern interrupt in her brain causes her to choose a differnt path which then becomes: “have fun with these fun guys and give them my drink order. Wait they aren’t interested in me? What’s different about them? I will get their food. Ignore that customer he’s creepy and spend more time with these guys. Telling stupid jokes. I’ll tell one to get on their good side. make sure their orders are fresh and on time. Their banter is worth more than any tip they could ever leave. I like these guys. Hope they ask for my number.”

Now back to the report: When asked for her drink order, she goes in minor trance, She processes and goes, “Water.”

My wingman Salvino waits. Seeing he’s getting no help with me he banters and we order our drinks.
Salvino: Hey, you were supposed to neg her
Me: I was?
Salvino: yeah, that’s the gambit. She gives her drink order and you neg her about it. No matter what she chooses.
Me: Oh. I never did the Dozer way i always did the baron way. He did the whole thing. I never negged her.

She comes back. She is so off her programming she forgot my drink.

Me: (picking up the neg like Salvino wanted me to) Water?!? You are no fun! Come on, don’t you want to order something daring like a Shirley Temple? It’s red and fizzy!
Wingman takes it from there to pick up the gambit.

By the middle of the evening she was sitting down with us and telling stupid jokes. Mind you she is Jewish. But her joke was, “What’s the definition of a Jewish Dilemma?” “Free ham” Badumbump! I laughed my ass off. She was in rapport with us and her customers were getting pissed she kept sitting with us. Before game, I was always the guy that said, “Why am I not the guy that the Hooters girls like sitting with and talking to?”

I figured it out later. The reason why Hooters girls decide to sit at a guy’s table longer are multiple. Reason 1 is the guy is paying her rent or car payment in the hopes that she will one day leave hooters and marry him or he sneak in the house. Reason 2: they date or used to date. Reason 3: Good game.

I’ve now become that guy that the girls like sitting with. Consistently. With the other guys’ hateful eyes staring at me.

Next we watched as a birthday boy was put on a chair and made to look like a chicken with wings as he flapped two menus and had two cups in his mouth as a beak.

“That will never be me. That’s supplication. It’s what’s wrong. An alpha male doesn’t subject himself to that humiliation just because it’s at the hands of 5 beautiful women with ADD. (In rapport our waitress had already admitted she was ADD). Most guys don’t know any better. ”

The number close was there but the goal of the evening wasn’t hooters. It was the local strip club where an international act was performing. (Say porn star.) Salvino had been taken aback by her in video and wanted me to wing him on his approach.

We walked in. Dead night despite the international talent there that evening. We went to the bar and asked to talk to the manager. We were setting up a bachelor party. Not really but still was good enough to be taken to VIP section and the dancers start coming up one by one. I was trying a new take on things taught to me by Ross Jeffries. When they ask what I do i say, “I’m a practitioner in Blissnosis. It’s hypnosis without sleep. You stay awake.” With that I was in. The dancer asks me for a demo. I oblige by doing the RJ energy orb ( see the video 2 blogs back) and she is feeling the feelings of orgasm without me touching her. Powerful stuff as she never left my side the rest of the night, and her friend never left our side when she told what I could do in between gigs. After that they were completely into me and my wing. We ran stories and gambits. At one point the dancer had her face in my chest out of stripper mindset mode. She sniffs long and hard on my chest. “MMMMMM you smell good. You make me feel good. You’re smart too. MMMm. I never tell the things I’ve told you here in the club. MMMMM.” She never asked for a table dance. But Salvino was being taken for one. I said, “Table dance?” She had me so much in non-customer mindset that she didn’t want to do it. Me:”Look, it’ll be fun, you deserve a few bucks for spending all this time with me tonight to pay for the babysitter (yeah, she told me about her kids too) and I then snapped and said, “Wait, wtf? I’m trying to sell you into me buying you a table dance and you are saying no? What kind of exotic dancer are you?” Smiling the entire time because it really was absurd I was asking her to take my money and she wanted to preserve me not being a customer so strongly that she didn’t want to dance for me.

But here’s how I really got her to change her mind.
Me: “Ok, imagine I was your boyfriend, and we are on the couch, and you want to sensually dance for me, not as a stripper, but to turn me on as your boyfriend. Could you do that?” Her: “MmmmHmmm”

And I had the most unique lap dance ever. It was like she was trying to convince me to take her home as a girlfriend, not trying to make a buck.

So Salvino and I got free lap dances. Number closed mine.

Oh, and Salvino got to talk to the international entertainer and her manager and was in so well that when she did her feature dances she looked at him with a shrug. It was body language saying, “I know, this is silly right? I’ll talk to you in a moment.” He got to talk to her and run game for 45 minutes. We got posters LOL.

The drink girl comes up. We had bantered with her all night. We asked her to debrief us. “You guys are just so different. You two are the best conversations I’ve had all week. Most guys don’t talk, can’t talk, and only leave a dollar tip on a 40 dollar tab. You guys are genuine and made the night fun.”
Me: You look like you’re from Florida
Waitress: Shut up
Me: I’m right aren’t I
Waitress: Holy F(&*
Me: And you are Cuban?
Waitress: Lumbee
Me: when is your tribe gonna get the recognition it deserves?
Waitress: I know right?

We hand hugged (I only teach that technique at my bootcamp sorry) and the ladies where then all around us giggling. For the second time in the evening I looked up, just like at Hooters, and all the guys were staring at us asking why all the girls were around us and not them. I used to be them. Now I’m Technoslaughter. winging a vet to get the number of a porn star.