Promo shot of Brittany Amber from the evening

Brittany Amber poses for my student

So last night was invited to an exclusive event at the Globe. It was shut down for a private event by and for a porn video shoot and I got a free invite through the erosticity site. Very exclusive, small crowd. Perfect for possibly gaming the stars of the show.

Now this is hired-gun game, plain and simple. The rules of that: Get on a first name basis (real first name), show that you are part of the club (The club of guys who date porn stars and exotic dancers or waitresses/hooters girls, whatever hired gun you seek) and are not a creepy customer, Pace their reality (Show you understand their lifestyle). One of the masters of this is Johnny Sopporno who has free videos on his seductive reasoning at to teach you how to handle Porn actresses and hired guns of extreme beauty. Overall the bottom line lesson is to look at her as a person and not an object and you are 90% of the way there to being datable to her rather than a “Waldo.” (Old code name for a customer)

The festivities (pornstar oil wrestling) were taking a bit long to setup so I decided to go to Cashmere on Glenwood to see what was up. Cashmere has ALWAYS been full of the finest women in town and they had a new chef. The owner had plates out for the customers to sample. (I had the steak OMG! GREAT!) and there was a blonde sitting at the bar that the owner was talking to. I came up and sat next to her. The owner and I bantered as if she wasn’t there. Then he introduced me. “Techno this is Amber.”

I recognized her as the porn star on the flyers! Talk about law of attraction. Instead of being in the venue, I was able to meet the porn star OUTSIDE of her element. I told her she looked like a businesswoman as if not knowing what she was doing there and she said she was in from Palm Springs doing some work.

In the midst of things people came up and told me what she did in front of her (People she had met already) and I said “Respect! I didn’t make the connection. You’re Brittany Amber, and I’m going to your show. I got invited by the photographer!” and named names as she knew him since he was setting the whole thing up.

“My name is Amber. Brittany. But you can call me Amber. ” Her real first name is revealed. I’m in the club of guys she trusts to be first name with.

I pace her some more and show I’m in the club.

“You know why I respect your work? Because most guys would call you a stripper, porn star, or dancer. I consider you a ‘fantasy technician.'” She laughed and said that was a new one. Took out her cell phone and wrote it down. “That’s the first time I’ve been called that. But I like it!” I explained. “You take guys through this fantasy that little by little, the more money they give you, the stronger the possibility you will go home with them, and then you go home with their cash only. It’s a lot like what I do. It’s psychology. It’s hypnosis. You put them in a trance.”

“You are a psychologist? wait.. Hypnotist?”

Me: “I practice a form of hypnosis that doesn’t involve sleep.”

We banter about NLP and stuff and I give her a demo. There are plenty of interrupts as people try to meet her but my wingmen are right there for me to talk to or the bartenders who know me to social proof me even further so that when she is interrupted I am not needily staring at her talking to others and losing my value.
The entire time arm scratches and hair flips and touching my arm… no fake hired gun ioi’s.

Then she starts in on some humurous banter I was surprised to be part of…

Her: You know what? You are a lot like this guy I met when I worked the bunny ranch. He told me the movie “Hitch” was based on him. David…
Me: W—–? David W—– and you slept together at the bunny ranch?
Her: Let’s just say me and him hung out at the bunny ranch when I was working there. I just quit.
Me: HE’s pure alpha isn’t he.
Her: OMG yes. He’s all man energy. But you are a lot like him.
Me: Then you know what guys like us can do in the bedroom
Her: (enthusiastically) Uh HUH!
Me: You mean THE bunny ranch like on HBO
Her: Yup!
Me: nice. See you are a fantasy technician through and through.
Her: I love that! I would put that on my facebook but they just deleted my account! I’d add you if it wasn’t deleted
Me: For what, a bad picture? too much skin?
Her: Yes! Look this is the picture. (she proceeds to show me a beautiful picture of her showing her ass)
Me: I would ban you too. Look at those filthy nails. (Smiling)
Her: Ugh! (Smiling proving the tease was well accepted)
Me: Hey wait, you just assumed I would facebook friend you! Presumptuous I see. (Calibrated with a smile and leaning back.) Anyhow don’t you have to get ready soon?
Her: I don’t know
Me: My buddy running the gig said about 1130 pm so you will want to get there in about 10 min.

We banter some more. I release from her and tell her I’ll see her at the venue since she needs to go. I help wingmen out with a large bachelorette party. My Wingmen students see me isolate the bachelorette in 1 minute. The whole bar watches me isolate her (She’s beautiful) wondering what the hell I’m doing (I’m palmreading the future of her marriage. I know right? Old school Neil Strauss?).

Being in state I go to the next set and I open a three set. I ask them how their food is, playing host. I tell one of them she is the very type I would love to go home with. The lady next to her says, “That’s my Niece!” I say “Auntie can come too!” They all laugh at the kinky connotation. Me: “HEY! You guys got dirty minds I see! I’m no perv! I want to take you guys home to play Parcheesi!” Total laughter. I’m way hooked into the set now as all three throw their heads back and laugh as if my hook into the set is locked heavily in. Wanting to see Amber do her thing I leave and go back to the Globe.

Long story short, Amber does her gig, she oil wrestles another beautiful hottie from the local area, and I get exclusive pic with both ladies in the dressing room (A student/wing got me in and Amber recognized me and was happy to see me in the venue) and get Brittany’s contact info for when I go to Palm Springs some day.

Just FYI the “Fantasy technician” talk that I gave came straight from Ross Jeffries’s Washington DC tapes that you can find at his website linked to the right of this blog (Speed seduction). I highly recommend his products as the ones that got me the best results when coupled with other methods and styles.

After that had a great night at Noir, who had a Vampire themed party, and Black Flower which is THE spot to go late night, short of Men’s Club that has after hours until 5am now.

If you would like to find yourself suddenly being open to the possibilities that come with expert training in hired-gun game, consider a bootcamp with me. My students last evening got to watch and learn from this interaction (And one of them number closed the other porn star/wrestler). You can too… or do it yourself with my training. You will likely find a lifestyle that suits you.