If you are in So cal, there is a seminar coming up for casanova’s crew. It’s the new blood of pickup… the guys who are innovating and still going out. There is an issue with current theory and training in that the old gurus are mostly NOT going out or creating anything really new. It’s in my zen explanation of game. Once you get good, it’s time to get out or else you’ll end up in pick up limbo, pick up purgatory, where you are dating a lot of women but never really have one or 2 to love.

But the new blood, of which I feel I’m a part of even though I’m older, is taking game to higher levels and faster. People scoff at me when I tell them approach anxiety CAN be eliminated. They scoff when I tell them I rid people of approach anxiety in 1 hour. The scoff when I tell them that I can use hypnosis to adjust inner game in a weekend without waiting 6 months. It’s all happening. But for old gurus, that’s not part of their reality. They still scoff at tapping, which HAS been proven to evoke changes in the limbic system. They used to scoff at learning languages rapidly and now we have millions using Rosetta stone. In the past the used to think NOBODY could ever snow ski like germans and austrians. Then someone opened a school. Then nobody ever thought snowboarding would be a sport. Guess again.

The new guard of Pickup is teaching inner and outer game simultaneously and more rapidly than ever, without having to open 1000 sets. We are using all of the tools and reading the previous books including the newest evolutionary psychology. Acceptance and Committment therapy is the newest I am incorporating. (Sounds a lot like Ross Jeffries’s “Acceptance confidence.”). Anyhow be aware of the newest blood around you. Chances are that they have improved upon the learning paradigm. Check out my lectures on udemy to see my creation… nobody else is teaching it right now.