I’ve hit 100 blog posts! Might as well talk the cube

Damn I post alot. Here’s about the cube.

You may think it’s overused. You may think it’s PUA-trash. Fine. But it is still money with some women who haven’t been bombarded by puas yet.

So many guys ask me how to do this basic value demo. The place I learned it is right here: http://www.bristollair.com/2008/outer-game/pua-routines/deeper-rapport/early-cube-post/

But they have enhanced the explanation further. You need to see me do it to truly appreciate what it can do.

At first I just read a girl’s cube. Then I anchored it. Then I NLP’d it to make it a SICK demo. And there are so many women that haven’t had it done. And if they have from another pua, I say, “Well I’m the best” and they always oblige and say I’m the best when I’m done. I’d have to show you

Here’s the enhanced explanation.

Exclusive, once a year offer. YEAR LONG TRAINING

I am making a one time offer on this training. This offer will only be available for the next 2 weeks and only to the next 6 gentleman interested. You’ll see why I need to limit this to 6 guys when you see the details of the program below.

The program: for a one time fee, just a little more than the cost of a bootcamp, you get to train with me, Technoslaughter, for a year. You will get limited access to my collection of materials valued at over 28,000 dollars of pick up movies and dvds and books. You will get hypnosis sessions and nlp/eft sessions to rapidly change your inner beliefs and core subconscious blocks in your training. If desired I will give you training in hypnotherapy. You will be by my side whenever I go out to get in field training.

You get to go to all bootcamps, trainings, parties (You must cover your own expenses however). When you have issues you get to text me, email me, skype or cell- call at times that are convenient to both of us. (Most of the calls will be on weekends or evenings when I am done with my other job).

You will get invites to reunions for puas, come with me to the PUA World Summit 2011 when that occurs, and get invites to come with me to Karma foundation parties. (The top parties in LA and Vegas and the Playboy mansion). I will show you the ropes at these exclusive events if I go, or you can go with your friends on my invite.

I will be your personal coach for a year and you will have access to me at the times when you need me.

The cost of a 3-day bootcamp with me is 850 dollars plus expenses. The cost of one evening with me is 150 dollars plus expenses.

The cost of this program is $1300. An entire year of training, bootcamps, and coming out when I send exclusive invites.

This offer ends in 2 weeks or when 6 gentlemen have signed up.

The cost of one weekend with Lovesystems is 3000 dollars. For less than half of that you have me for an entire year helping you by your side, coaching you through your issues with women and life.

The fastest way to improvement is to have someone at your side showing you your limiting beliefs and turning them around with you. Just ask one of my bootcampers from a few short weeks ago whose female friends are telling me about all the used condom wrappers they found under his bed this past weekend. Imagine my pivots becoming your pivots. My social contacts becoming yours. My lessons becoming your game. No longer in the friends zone. No longer getting flaky numbers, no longer learning game and seeing no results. My training is results based and the results are usually immediate.

Some of you have considered a bootcamp recently. Imagine, for just a few more dollars, getting bootcamp after bootcamp for an entire year in addition to training whenever I am out. (At least 4 scheduled bootcamps throughout the year.)

Gas expense must be covered if I am to travel exclusively for your training. If I am sarging in Raleigh anyhow, that expense is covered.

JOIN NOW to reserve 1 of 6 spots.

The payment is required in full when you sign up to hold your spot, and we start right away this month. You however will officially have me January 1 to January 1, 2011 as your instructor.

You will sarge with me weeknights at least 2-3 times a month, at least 1 weekend every 1-2 months and on bootcamps scheduled throughout the year. But ask most of my students. You will usually be out with me more often than that. That is the MINIMUM. In addition to that I will critique your field reports, have specific lectures and training for your improvement opportunities. You use me as you see fit.

Best of all, I’m right here in Raleigh, NC. No traveling to NYC, DC, or Hollywood.

Email or call immediately 910 990 5573 to JOIN NOW.

If you were considering a bootcamp in the next few weeks, consider this as a better option. Get the bootcamp, plus much-needed follow up for an entire year.

My testimonials at http://masterpickupartists.com speak for themselves.

Make the decision to change your game faster and forever. If you want to immediately reserve your spot, you may send payment to paypal. Email me for details at the email at the front page of this site.

JOIN NOW for this exclusive yet economical training opportunity that will NOT be offered for the rest of the year.

Let’s try the link again. PUA World Summit DVD’s

PUA World Summit 2010 dvd’s are out, And I’m in them!

I am featured on DVD 8 the all star panels part 1. Vince kelvin’s website is selling the dvd’s right now. <a href=”aaa>CLick here for the link.</a>
In the DVD I explain my top concepts: Wrecking the room, frame change: Average Frustrated Naturals vs Average Frustrated Chumps, and Kicking cats vs. Kicking balls.
Pick up a copy! You get training on dvd from Vince Kelvin, David Wygant, Bravo, Dj Fuji and Psych, El Topo, Brad P, Speer, My good friend Maven is on there too, Mehow, Adam Lyons, Bad Boy, Nick quick and Epik, Bonsai, Hypnotica, Johnny Wolf, Gareth Jones, and I’m search ing for James marshall’s amazing talk. Would be too bad if he wasn’t on there!

PUA summit 2010 DVDs are out!

I am featured on DVD 8 the all star panels part 1. Vince kelvin’s website is selling the dvd’s right now. CLick here for the link.

In the DVD I explain my top concepts: Wrecking the room, frame change: Average Frustrated Naturals vs Average Frustrated Chumps, and Kicking cats vs. Kicking balls.

Pick up a copy!

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